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  1. Not had a go yet but there are some great pitch shift effects in the Go - also the ring modulators. If you add in small amounts with the dry signal you're going to get in the ball park pretty quickly. Hope this helps Phil
  2. Nick Thanks for your reply - my issue is when I push the expression pedal all the way down when looking on the pod go editor it doesn't go to the down position but bottoms out at about 15%. Full forward is correct, but full back isn't all the way home. So if I set mix to 0% when all the way back the pedal never reaches 0, more like%. So can I calibrate the pedal to establish the range that the Pod Go recognises or do I need to find an expression pedal with a pot on the side to tweak the range? Cheers Phil
  3. Hi Been enjoying my Pod Go - I use a second expression pedal when playing live to control the depth and feedback of delays. Is there any way to calibrate the expression pedal? Mine is a Line 6 pedal but it doesn't go all the way "off" if you know what mean? I can't find any info on this anywhere. Cheers Phil
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