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  1. Check the patch out and see if the volume knob has a number by it or says DON'T FORCE. If it isn't, put it there. There is a whole section in the manual about "Controller Assign" on page 53 of the Helix Owner's manual. I started to dig into it but it was taking too long. So you'll need to do your own homework. FYI the JTV Variax volume knob can be set to control many Helix parameters. I use it and it's pretty cool. It's obvious that somehow it is sending a MIDI message to Garageband. You'll need to check out to see what the Variax volume knob is assigned to. You'll probably have to read to manual to discover all of the possibilities.
  2. This is a HUGE guess. I haven't compared them but if the single note one's DSP is around 6X more than the poly one, my guess would be that they will be equal. But, like datacomando said, just use your ears. At the very least it will be faster. than asking here.
  3. So I will never own all of the guitars in the Variax. BUT, I can order one that's about 10" tall. I don't have a boat or any other expensive thing that I do so I'm buying the guitars that the Variax models in miniature form, one guitar-per paycheck at a time from a place called Axe Heaven. They are around $40 to $50 each. For those of you that don't know, there's a place called Axe Heaven where they create miniatures of all kinds of guitars. They look great. They do not have all of the guitars that the Variax has but does have a lot of them. They have said that they will do custom orders as long as there are 60 orders or more. So I take that to mean if there's enough interest that they will make them. If enough of you express interest, they may try to create them. Here's the website if you're interested. Some of the models aren't exactly like what you see in the Variax manual, so you do need to do some compromising if you do order from them. For example , the one Gretsch 6120 they have is a Chet Atkins model is not the same as what's in the manual. The tail piece wrong and there is no logo on the headstock. It's just a dumb fun (for me) thing to do and thought there may be more like minded people out there. I'm posting in case anyone is interested and if you are, to get you to contact Axe Heaven about it. If enough people do, who knows, maybe they will recreate the ones the Varaix has.
  4. Are you sure you're on the correct forum? This is music not games.
  5. Possible? Yes. Will it happen. No.
  6. "The problem is that in my DAW (Reaper) my bass gets until -30dBs" I am assuming you mean the bass gets distorted until -30dbs. Could it be an instrument/line/mic level issue? Check your Focusrite and see if there are different settings for the input. You didn't describe how you're connecting the bass. I'm assuming you are going directly from the bass to the Focusrite when you're not using the Stomp. Maybe check to see if Reaper has a line/instrument/mic level setting. What it sounds like to me is the input is set for a low input like a mic but the bass is at instrument level. When you try your stomp. do you set the output level to mic level? Try that as well. That's all the info I can give you for now. I would need more information for a better analysis.
  7. I experienced this the hard way as well. Took awhile to figure it out. More to the point, I had given up solving the issue and then one day I unplugged my USB cable first.
  8. Here's a good explanation of what 4 cable method is. Helix is used for it a lot.
  9. I actually read a review on the QSC 12 inch and one of the comments was the great low end. May be worth looking into.
  10. IGNORE all of the labels under the switches. They have nothing to do with the instructions you were given. You have 12 switches total on the Helix LT. 6 on top, 6 on the bottom. 9 & 10 are the two middle switches on the bottom. Or count 1-6 on top, then 7-8-9 & 10. Hope this makes sense. They are also the switches labelled B & C but on the bottom row.
  11. I don't really use the Global EQ but I think it can be turned off and on on a per patch basis. Maybe that?
  12. Thank you. Unfortunately it doesn't do what I want. BUT I think it would be a good utility if you cannot even remember what IR you used. Currently I only use the IR's in my Helix so it's not a problem for now. It will be problem when my IR list exceeds the patches that I use them in, list.
  13. The one problem with the marketplace is it appears to attach what you buy to your device/computer/whatever. It's been awhile but many of the same things can be bought directly from the vendor without that "attachment"
  14. I want to be able to tell from my Helix or at least HX Edit. I am aware of the helixlib utility. So I know it's there. Being able to at least read it in HX Edit would be my preference. The POD XT had a per patch notes section in it's editing interface. I found it helpful for all kinds of things.
  15. One thing the Helix really needs is a way to tell which IR's go with which patches or at least, whether an IR that is loaded is being used. Being able tell if an IR is there when you select a patch is an improvement from where it was before. But, even just a little notepad type thing in each patch so you can make any kind of patch notes including what IR it uses that you can at least read from HX Edit would help.
  16. The Variax does not do exactly what you describe. You have to buy one (they just got discontined). It will not take your, for example, Strat and make it sound like a Les Paul. This does claim to do that. I never used or seen one in person so I can't speak to how well it works.
  17. crusinon2 - I was relaxed. What made you think I wasn't? You were the one that initially responded to me and then couldn't stop. Maybe it's you that needs to relax? I'm fine. psarkissian - Yes the one ticket number was wrong. 384248 Not 208 Sorry
  18. All of that is obvious. You do not have to tell me. It's been done before. I'm still going to talk about it. Maybe something will happen. I know it won't otherwise. You can think it's a fool's errand or whatever else someone may choose to call it since it seems you are trying to tell me to give up. And there was a "I'll look into it" type response. That gives me a little hope. I know it probably won't happen. But I know it won't happen if I don't do anything. Which is what you seem to want me to do. You can quit trying to tell my why it won't happen. It's all been said before.
  19. Already been done. I documented this around 3 years ago or so. The final conversation regarding this was Thanks T***** for your detailed info. I had our team reproduce it after me, so they have logged it as a bug. Hopefully it will be address in the next update. I appreciate your help on this. Regards, Pete That's ticket #404004 There's several tickets before it talking about the same thing. #384208 #376358 #355185 I provided patches. It's still the same.
  20. Yeah I know. But I'm not talking about new features. I'm talking about features that have been in the Helix manual on page 23. "Store Variax model, tuning, and/or volume and tone knob positions with a Helix preset or snapshot and recall them instantly" Can't do that. At least give what you advertised. Keep your word.
  21. Line 6 has had a small history of abandoning products. The Variax bass (yes there was one) was supposed to have a workbench that never showed up. The Vetta was abandoned with issues (can't remember what they were) and the current JTV Variax has tone and volume knob control issues with the Helix that makes it pretty much impossible to use those advertised features. I own all three products. I mostly love Line 6 and they have really good customer service. This seems to be the main area where they tend to drop the ball. Couldn't they at least say, "we couldn't do it" , if that was the case instead of just leaving people guessing. I do not know much about programming but it seems like the tone knob volume knob issue would be relatively easy to fix. I also know that things that people like me think would be easy to fix, actually aren't. Be nice to have some kind of communication regarding these issues. They are a known issue to Line 6 mentioned in the known bugs part of the updates. The last update it was mentioned in was the 3.5 update. Even there, the volume knob issue is not mentioned at all. Even though it's still an issue, it wasn't mentioned in the last two updates. Looks like the JTV has been abandoned as well.
  22. Dunedin kind of mentioned something that I agree with as well. I've been waiting for amp modelling to get to the stage the Helix was at when it was first issued. I started with the Rockman (technically the first amp sim I guess). Had a SansAmp, Digitech GSP 2101, Peavey Rockmaster with an Ampulator (I still have those) and got to the Pod XT and have been staying with Line 6 ever since. I did not buy the Helix right away. I'm not so sure, even if Line 6 came out with something that I would purchase it. I don't think I'm the only one that feels that way. Just one more thing to think about when you make your decision.
  23. I would say you have at least a year. This is based on things Digital Igloo (Eric Klein) has said. He's one of the upper, head line 6 guys. It's not that they aren't working on the latest and greatest. I have no doubt that they are. But you'll NEVER hear about it from Line 6. They just do not talk about what they are working on anymore. this is policy. Not that they just kind of stoped. It's my understanding that the Helix platform was designed to be a long term thing. I would say that's where they're at now but Digital Igloo talks like there's still a bit more life in the Helix before anything new comes out. Go to the Gear Page forum. He hangs out and posts there a lot more. If you search for him, you'll find what I'm talking about.
  24. Watch what exactly your inputs and outputs are. That's caught me a couple of times. So many options it's easy to miss the obvious.
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