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  1. I would say that's not going to happen. The only solutions (you've probably already considered these) are your own separate pedal tuner plugged in before the HX Stomp or one of those clip on your headstock tuners.
  2. You'd have to use the normal outputs, the headphone outputs or add a send at the end of your path and use that output. Those are the only outputs I can see. In global settings there is a selection to determine what the volume knob controls. If you set it to phone, it only controls the headphone output. That then means, like the helix, the ouputs are at unity gain. See page 51 of the manual. I see no other options.
  3. That has happened to me. It was a Variax and it just stopped working. Huh? Finally blew some compressed air into the VDI input and it leared it up. I am more careful about that.
  4. That sounds like you want us to do your homework. (HAHA). For now, I just don't have the time currently, I would make a flow chart of your exact paths and everything in them, then adapt them as best you can to the Helix hierarchy. If I find time to contemplate this, could you provide a detailed description exactly what is going where?
  5. Phew! Thank goodness it was simple. Hooray!
  6. YIKES! I have not had those issues. It has been awhile since I've needed them and maybe at times it's a little slow but I have always at least gotten some kind of response. Sorry your experience wasn't as good. I'm not sure why you can't download updates.
  7. Well whatever works for you. I like the way it sounds when I set the tone knob a certain way and can't get it any other way. If that works for you, that's fine. It does not work for me. Aside from the fact that this is a function stated in manuals and hasn't worked since the Helix has been out. I'm very happy with what I have and very satisfied with my Helix/JTV Variax. But this wouldn't be the first time Line 6 let something go without correcting it.
  8. Sorry. I forgot. But you can still assign 8 parameters to one footswitch like I mentioned with the Snapshots. So, you can still assign the gain to do what you want to the footswitch you're using for the distortion on/off. See page 40 of the manual for more info.
  9. I know the process to roll back the firmware is "tricky". I have not done it. One of my biggest complaints about the acoustics is that there is a bug in the Helix that, because of it, I cannot use the Helix to control the tone or volume parameters. Being able to use the tone knob would put the acoustics more to where I want them but you can't in the Helix.
  10. Yes. you can assign the on/off to the same footswitch as the distortion whose output you want to control. You could also leave the gain block on and assign the output level of the gain block to a snapshot. I do this for several things. I can't remember the number but Snapshots are capable of doing several different things with one footswitch. I think it's like around 30. So you can do a lot with one snapshot. Let your freak flag fly.
  11. Could you be trying to load the backup wrong? That's the only thing I can think of. There's a Restore From Backup selection that's in HX Edit. See page 26 in the HX Edit manual. This may seem a little obvious but I can't think of what else it would be.
  12. I have not. You might try the Command Center. Try page 60 of the manual. I didn't fully read it so I don't know if it applies to your specific situation.
  13. Jason Sadites YouTube channel has many tutorials. It will take you days to get through them so pick and choose what you want to learn.
  14. Check this book out as well. It's a downloaded PDF and the good thing about that is everytime the Helix get's updated, the book does too. You just use the same link you had to get the original copy and download it agaiin.
  15. I did some looking and from what I can tell, it's true. You cannot get them separate from line 6. Power supplies are hard to come by even in the US. This thread has a bunch of advice regarding the battery but also has some power supply suggestions including one that goes inside your Varaix. That's the best i can do for now. Good luck!!!
  16. I would say you're not missing anything. That's just the way it is. The fact that it works at all is amazing to me. Here's some thioughts. One thing to try changing is the polarity. Change the polarity of one of the pickups so that they are out of pahse (or in phase if they are out of phase now.). Try changing the wiring setting, series or parallel. Even changing the tone pot can change the sound as well as changing the volume pot. Try changing the resistance values of both of those as well. If none of that does anything then I would suggest using a different pickup in the neck position or both positions for that matter. Someone actually used a different body for their Strat because that's what sounded closer to their Strat than the Line 6 Strat did. Don't give up yet. The humbuckers are the strongest pickups in the Variax as far as I can tell. Not sure if you will get what you're looking for but there are a few things to attempt before giving up. Unfortunately, the Variax doesn't seem to work exactly like the real world. Hope this helps in some way.
  17. When crossing the road...C# or Bb.
  18. I would take the Helix one thing at a time. If you go into a music store, you don't have someone instantly plugging in and unplugging effects and amps as you wish. So take your time. Find an amp. One you're familiar with. Maybe a Marshall, Fender or Boogie. Stay with it for a day at least. Try it completely by itself at first. Maybe add a little reverb just so it isn't so dry. After you've squeezed all you can out of the amp, add some distortions or fuzz boxes. Then move to the modulation effects using them in both your clean amp settings and dirty amp settings. Pretend you only have one amp and you have to squeeze as much as you can out of it. Don't forget to play with different mics and mic placement after squeezing what you can out of one. It's a lot of parameters to mess around with but the only way to learn the Helix is to do. Especially with musical equipment since it's all so subjective. Slow and steady, one effect at a time, just like in a music store. Yes the walls and shelves are full of equipment, but you can only play through one setup at a time. That's how you need to approach the Helix. If you get something that is slimmed or trimmed down, you have closed off a lot of possibilities. Use the favorites option to save the amps and effects with the settings you like. I would spend at least a week doing this. And don't flit around to other amps. Stick with one and squeeze all you can out of it. Just like we used to do when all we could afford was one amp and there were no amp sims. Your by yourself, in a music store full of equipment and unlimited time to play everything in it. Approaching it from that aspect may help. It helps my but I do still find myself flipping through everything quickly instead of learning each thing so it's not a character flaw when you do this. Or maybe it is and I'm just delusional.
  19. I have an HD500. I got a Helix. Haven't touched the HD500 since. I find the simulations in the Helix better sounding and easier to dial in with a rare exception or two. Now with the new cabs...anyone want an HD500?
  20. Try downloading HX Edit and update it from that. I think the updater doesn't work for later firmware versions or at least works better. That's my recolleciton anyway and I'm too lazy to look it up. (I just came from another thread that recommends using the updater for updates and not HX Edit so not sure what else you can do). The other thing would be don't use a USB hub to connect your Helix to you computer. Hope this helps.
  21. I love my Variax and how it integrates with my Helix floor. But that is also kind of it's achilles heel. It won't integrate in the same way with anything else. It also appears to have been left to the side as far as support goes. There are still bugs with the Helix so it doesn't operate properly. If you're curious what that is, if you set up your Helix to have a different setting for the tone or volume knob in a patch, when you switch to another patch, it keeps the setting the previous patch had. If you press the new patches swith again it will then change the Variax to the proper setting. Not a big deal but one of the things I would use it a lot for would be with different tone knob settings for the acoustics. The tone setting simulates different mic placements but I can't use the setting I like the best because of this bug. Soooooo, Havaing said all of that, there is this It does have MIDI so I believe can be controlled by your HX Effects I think.
  22. There are many amps with digital electronics in the knob section that sits right on top of the amp. I would say with great confidence that you can do that. And if it was an issue I would hope that Line 6 would mention it since speakers are a neccesary part of the Helix.
  23. So first check to see if you are getting anything out of your headphones. If you are, given all of the options just make sure your output is correct and the big volume knob on the Helix is turned up.. That's the first two things to do. These may sound obvious but I've been caught by both of them at one time or another.
  24. Not sure if this was mentioned but you could make a copy of the preset and start deleting/turning off/adding, turning on again, effects/amps to see which one is causing the issue as you change snapshots. Hope this helps.
  25. Mine is on my Helix. Are you talking about the HX Effects? I know the Helix has three different modes for the tuner. There's fine, coarse and strobe. Strobe works best for me. The Helix manual mentions a couple of things which may apply to you. The first one applies to bass. These are from page 44 of the Helix manual. I do not know if this is in the HX Effects manual. Choose between three Tuner types: Fine (color-changing, needle tuner with fine-tuning bar, the default), Coarse (color-changing needle tuner with no fine-tuning bar), or Strobe. The Tuner accurately tunes notes down to 21.83 Hz (low F) for 5-string basses. This one could at least take care of the issue Some guitarists feel that tuning certain strings slightly sharp or flat in relation to concert tuning can improve intonation. String offsets calibrate the tuner so that these slightly out-of-tune pitches appear as in tune. String 6 is low E, and String 1 is high E. Tuning offsets won’t be applied unless Knob 6 (Offsets) on Page 1 is turned on. I have no idea if this is in the HX Effects manual so I don't know if it will apply.
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