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  1. Yesterday I was playing an outside gig and it was quite hot (possibly important). Just as we were doing sound check my volume was starting to fade way. I looked down and although the volume pedal was all the way down, the display that shows the volume level as a percentage was changing from 100 to 90 to 80 etc all the way down to 10. It was like a ghost was turning my volume down. I tried different patches and the same thing would happen. I powered if off, then back on and got the same thing. Finally it stopped doing it and I played the gig with no trouble. So I don’t know why or what happened and more importantly if it will happen again. Any one have any ideas? Thanks
  2. Thanks to all for the feedback and suggestions on this issue. I ended up talking to tech support (very helpful folks) and the problem went away. The frustrating part is I don't know what we did to fix it. I tried several different things that I did before, changing the vol & tone settings from "don't force" to setting them to 10, and then back to "don't force". Now I'm not having the issue anymore!? As long as it doesn't come back I guess it's fine. Now here's another crazy issue that is solved: Using HX Edit I set up some patches with Variax open tunings. With the Variax tuning selector set to "Model", when i switched from a standard tuning patch to the open tuning patch the tuning would not change. But if I moved the tuning selector to anything else and then back to "Model" the tuning would change to the proper open tuning. Weird. Called up tech support and the guy had never heard of such a thing. After trying a few steps that did not work he suggested that I set up the tunings on the Helix itself, not just on HX Edit. So I did and now things are working like they should. Oddly, it doesn't matter whether the Variax tuning selector is set to Model or Standard, it still changes tunings like it should. I guess the takeaway for me is that computers do unexplainable things, they work one day and not the next and you just have to go with it and hopefully find a workaround. Thanks again William
  3. Hello Helix - Variax users, I'm having an issue with my JTV-69 and the Helix floor unit not playing well together. First I want to say that I verified the Variax, HX Edit and Helix floor are all up to date with the latest versions. The JTV-69 is connected to the Helix using VDI cable. The issue is that when I switch to some presets there is no sound. Just barely moving the volume knob brings the sound back. In the variax settings page on the Helix (and in HX Edit) the Volume and Tone knobs are set to "Don't Force" and Lock Control set to "Unlocked". As an experiment in the variax settings page I set the volume & tone to "10" and Saved, and then when I switch back to the preset the volume is up but it sounds like the tone controlis on zero. Just barely moving the tone control brings the tone back to 10. I also tried locking the volume and tone on 10 and strangely the volume was good, but the tone was on zero again and this time no amount of turning the tone knob would fix it. The tone was locked on zero even though I saved it on 10. Any idea how I can keep this from happening? Thanks, Bill
  4. Problem Solved! Thanks Craig for pointing me in the right direction. Turning down the HUM control didn't fix it. Turning down the Ripple made the hum go away! Further experiments reveal that the HUM control will bring in a low octave hum and the Ripple brings in a buzz like a bad connection. It effects some amps more than others. It may be authentic but who really wants buzz and hum in their sound? Thanks again Craig. Bill
  5. My Helix is getting what sounds like 60 cycle hum with some amp models, (US Small Tweed, US Deluxe, Fullertons) but not others. The noise occurs even with nothing plugged into the input. It can be heard thru the 1/4" outputs or thru the headphones. I've tried different cables, ground lifts, etc. but that's not the problem. The US Small Tweed is the worst. The hum gets louder when the Ch Vol is turned up but the drive level has no effect on the noise level. Other models are dead quiet: US Double, Jazz Rivet 120,Cali IV, etc. Strangely the Grammatico Jump also has a hum but it's about an octave lower than the other amps. Weird. Has anybody else had this problem? Do you have a solution? Thanks
  6. Hello, I've a problem with the HD500X using the expression pedal to control effects parameters: I created a patch where EXP 2 controls volume and EXP 1 controls reverb mix and delay mix. So everything working right using the pedal for volume, then I switch to EXP1 and it adjusts the the mixes from 15% minimum to 50% maximum, all good. Then I switch back to EXP2 and the reverb stays at 50%! The pedal controls volume just like it should but now the patch is drenched in reverb. As soon as I select a different patch and then return to this patch, everything is back to normal. What am I doing wrong? Thanks
  7. Hello, Just got the HD500 back from the shop where it had an internal power supply problem repaired. So now it "works" but the footswitches don't do anything - you can tap them all day and nothing changes. Turning the Presets knob will change the presets but not the switches and the pedal doesn't do anything either. I held the Left button down while powering up and that didn't help. Any ideas? Thanks
  8. Oops! You put your finger on it. When I open HD500 edit, it recognized my HD500. I was using the wrong "Edit". Thanks
  9. Hello, when my HD500 is connected to my Mac by USB it is recognized by Monkey. I performed all the updates successfully, but when I open Line6 Edit, the "Midi devices" box pops up and the HD500 is not listed. Hitting "refresh" doesn't help. I can't get past this point. The USB connection is working for Monkey but not for Edit. Any ideas? Thanks
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