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  1. I see so it's like a "hard bypass" that you have to trigger, different from the M9...it's amazing how different the base sound is from the effected sound. really loses a lot of body and low end, even without any of the effects on.. maybe I should try to match the base sound with an "always on" boost and eq patch all on the same footswitch...unless there is a global volume/EQ? it's a shame that the tuner does not work in this hard bypass mode!...looks like I will have to do a bit more digging...haha! thanks for your help.
  2. good point! ...with the unit off the signal is unchanged from the base sound (so it works as it should, when it's off!) ... as soon as I power the unit back on, even with a blank preset and all the pedals switched off it boosts the treble...it's immediately noticeable in both analog and tbp mode. so maybe a case of the signal being "stuck" in dsp bypass? I have contacted the support and done a factory reset...no change. thank you for your reply!
  3. I have had the HX FX for a couple of months now, and love the effects and routing capabilities, but I find it REALLY alters the base sound of the instrument when bypassed...I've owned the M9 for nearly a decade and there was a audible difference when switching between True bypass and DSP bypass... the true bypass was great, the DSP very useable...but when I switch from Analog bypass to DSP bypass on the HX FX I hear no difference whatsoever...the both sound very digital and toppy to me...it adds a lot of treble and thins out the sound...I understand buffers and all that jazz (I have owned litterally hundreds of pedals haha!) , but surely analog bypass should not change the sound at all? I am starting to wonder if my unit is faulty?
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