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  1. I'm extremely happy with the results I get from the Helix>DT combination. I was late to the party so I started with the DT25 HD a few years ago and wanted to try its big brother so I ordered a refurbished DT50 HD from Line 6 (sadly the only one that doesn't work... something in it died). After that I just started acquiring them whenever I found a great deal (cheap and barely used) so now I have 3x DT50 HDs & 1x DT50112 and 2x DT25 HDs & 1x DT25 112. Also, 2x DT50 4X12 cabs which I love. I hope to keep these amps running for a long time (that is, unless L6 comes out with a new version... :-) ) I also own a PC+ 112 & 212, just because I may want to gig again someday and I've found they are gig friendlier.
  2. Apparently, he took his toys and went home. I have 7 DT amps, so I have a feeling the local service center is going to know my first name pretty soon. ;-)
  3. I believe you are confused with the DT25 which has the switch. The DT50 has a push/pull master volume pot for this function. ;-)
  4. Wow, that’s awful! I was just looking at those on their site and was disappointed they were out of stock (just in case).
  5. I fried my Vetta II HD that way (or it was a very unfortunate coincidence). Used a power strip switch. Seemed to be a momentary spike in power and it was toast. I have been turning things on/o in series ever since. Good to know that L6 is making things more robust these days.
  6. I think you could use two of the effect loop sends to feed the two amps.
  7. I’m curious how this worked out for you. I am about to go w/d/w with two DT25s and a DT50 with Helix. Because... I can.
  8. As a Scrum Master / PM, I approve this message.
  9. The third bullet: “Remove hindrances from the old Helix architecture that precluded us from supporting certain features†makes me think they are addressing the DT compatibility issue.
  10. I have read in other posts about the reversed operation of the boost, but I don't have the 50, just the 25 so I don't know of a work around. My initial guess is that you are doing the same thing multiple ways. You're using the Line 6 Link AND midi where you may only need one or the other depending on which commands are supported over each protocol. Are you just going one direction with the midi cables, or do you have a second coming back to the first amp? Just a thought.
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