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  1. I have two DT50's and a DT25 and would LOVE to daisy chain them, as it is the reason I wanted two. I attempted it with my HD500X and nothing worked, as expected (very long story). Ended up having to send both my DT50's in for repair. Now I have the Helix and I am excruciatingly frightened to use the DT EDIT software to blank out the amps/cabs/mics in one of the channels of the DT50, or any of the other methods. I don't want to use Frfr, yet. With as much $ as I've put into the DT amps, and reading about successful DT/Helix integration, and how amazing it sounds, my preference is to do precisely what I'm afraid of. Since they have returned from being repaired, I haven't even hooked my amps up via MIDI to utilize the DT EDIT software for fear it was what jacked the amps up to begin with. Would love to have to expert guidance/encouragement to move forward from those of you in this thread. I'm not at all concerned with changing topologies/configurations, etc., on the fly. I use one preset. I want my Helix to sound amazing through this one preset, with my DT50 set at one static state. Just need help getting the DT50 in the proper state. All of the info I've read has my head spinning. Hope y'all are still following or still get notifications for this post, since the last reply was almost a year ago. Help.
  2. Looking for some advice on connecting two POD HD500X's together. I should mention that I'm running it into two DT50's via L6 Link. What has driven me to do this, other than having two HD500X's, is that I notice a difference in quality of tone when playing a patch with just an amp and a gate, no effects versus the same patch with any amount of effects. Can I gain any advantages, other than DSP, by going this route? Is there a better path? Also, the L6 Link wizadry has me confused; Can there truly be pre/post amp effect separation in this connection? Maybe use the 2nd POD HD500X in the DT50's effects loop?
  3. Are there any Dream Rig experts around? I have two DT50's, daisy chained and an HD500X. When I assign MIDI commands to a footswitch to turn on the 12AX7 boost, the amps are not in sync. When the DT50 head's boost is on, the DT50 212's boost is off. Closer inspection of the 2x12, via the DT Edit software, reveals that the toggle switch is backwards. When it says "OFF", it's actually on. Not only that, I've disconnected the MIDI cables and the footswitch still functions. Maybe it's my lack of knowledge but it seems strange as I thought it was MIDI commands making the change. Crazy weird. Additionally, the footswitch light does not light up when it's assigned to a MIDI command, only. I don't want to waste a block nor add to the DSP just to create a dummy block for a light. Is this honestly the only way to light up the switch? I should mention that I'm connected via L6 Link.
  4. Do you know how I can turn the boost on/off via MIDI commands from my 500X?
  5. I use the DT Edit software from this guy (https://github.com/rome2/dtedit). But I can't save anything, so, I haven't figured out how to make this useful, yet. I'm in touch with a DT expert at Line 6, just awaiting his input and I'll post back.
  6. Late to the party... I keep reading peoples' comments about the boost on the DT50 not being significant or very usable. I'm here to tell you that you're all dead wrong. The boost is outrageously different on compared to off and I just discovered it through the edit software. I just wish I could control it with a switch. It's an incredible lead-boost on the DT50. I freaking love it. Now show me how to control it!
  7. What's the latest on using the Helix with the DT series amps, specifically L6 Link? I've read the suggestions about clearing models/mics/cabs from the DT and will try that once I receive the Helix I just purchased last night. I currently have the HD500x with the DT50.
  8. Yes, I've turned the master volume up. I too just upgraded to 2.2. Clearly this is related.
  9. Yes, you are correct. I did check the output settings and all are appropriately set.
  10. I just received my new DT50 today and first tried it with a guitar directly into the amp. Sounds amazing! Then, I hooked up my POD HD500 with an XLR cable to the L6 link and I get no sound. I hear some popping and when I change presets I can hear some relays switching, but no audio. I've searched and found very little on this topic, some statements regarding updates and flash memory, etc. Just wanted to throw it out to the forum and see if anyone has had or heard of this type of problem. Thanks.
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