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  1. Thanks for all the input. First, I do backup the HD500 all the time. However, I do a bulk backup of the entire unit. I have not done backups of the individual patches. Is there a way to install an individual patch from a bulk backup? I don't think so, but not sure. So, I should back up my "self created" presets individually (only about 25 of them). Then update the HD500X overwriting everything. Recalibrate the global and pedal. Then install my "self created" presets where I want them. Would that do it? Again, thanks for all the help.
  2. After the update, is the pedal the only thing that has to be re-calibrated?
  3. Ok......battery fully charged. Installed batt into guitar. All green LEDs lit. Used a 1/4" guitar cable, Modeling works, LED on model knob comes on when pressed. Models work through Matchless amp and DT50. Is the VDI cable the same as a regular Cat 5e network cable.....I have dozens of those and can try one.......will wait to hear before I try it.
  4. Waiting on battery to complete charging. I will first try to plug a 1/4 cable straight into my Matchless amp. I assume mag pups will work, but I will try to "turn on" the guitar to get to models. IF THAT WORKS.....I will use the VDI interface and see if Monkey will see the guitar. Results posted here in a little while tonight.
  5. I will check those, but, as I said, it WAS working before the POD firmware update. So I am wondering if there is something to be set with the hardware switches on the POD LCD panel.
  6. First, this was working just fine for the last year. I did the firmware update on the 500, then didn't turn anything for a couple months to even try it. Have NOT update the JTV to 2.10. The POD models change just fine, but the guitar models are not changing with it like it was? So I fired up Workbench to see what it said in the software. In the mixer section, the model changes are there the way they were before. Was there something to do in the POD after the update? I did calibrate the Exp Pedal......but that is all that I did. I need help quickly, hoping to use this on a New Year's gig.
  7. I am pretty new to the POD world. Something is driving me crazy about programming. With the 500X set in ABCD switching, how can I get the volume pedal to work? I don't want it set to a controller switch set for turning on and off. I want it on all the time. If the FX section of 500Edit, I turn it on there. And it does not matter whether I set it to EXP1 or EXP2. What am I missing?
  8. Well, looking at that schematic, I think I will need to start carrying a spare electric eel in my gig bag. I just have a feeling they won't last too long in that circuit!
  9. Same thing happened to me two days ago. Mine is only 4 weeks old (tomorrow). After the reset I could not get it to sync with the pc. I replaced the USB cable.....then it worked. So, I am wondering.........does Line6 have a problem with the 500X or do they have a USB cable problem? This seems to be a common problem with the 500X.
  10. From your original statements, it sounds like the JTV-59 is the one for you. You will feel right at home on that one.......though it is more of a "PRS" type feel on the right hand since there is not a separate bridge. I too own LP's, Strats, Teles, PRS, etc...... and using the JTV-59 is very natural. The neck feels very much like the neck on the Gibson Historic '60 Les Paul.....very much like that. Not slim and not chunky. Just right. And it is really nice to have that neck with the Tele and Strat models. I know everyone has their own likes and dislikes, but I just can't get into the look of the other JTV guitars. I did own the 700 for a while, just did not like the neck on it. I very rarely use a trem and the lack of it makes it much better for me. I would rather not have the trem than to have to tighten it down or block it. On a real Strat, I think the trem is an integral part of the sound, even if you don't use it. But, in this case, you plan to use a model, so the trem will add nothing to the sound if you won't be using it. I may upgrade the tuners on my 59.....they are smooth but they don't seem to hold as well as some others I have. I bend the strings pretty hard. The nut could use just a little finesse right out of the box. But for a Korean guitar, it compares really well with the custom shop stuff that I have. That is a really strong statement! And, then look at the pretty flamed top :D :D :D :D
  11. I am pretty sure I did that. But I will try that again tonight. The tap feature works perfectly with the factory presets. So, I know it functions. Yeah, HD500 Edit.
  12. Just got this a few weeks ago. I have created some patches I like but the one thing I cannot figure out is HOW to get the TAP tempo to work with the delay. I am creating sounds in the latest Workbench. The only way I can change sounds is there. I can turn the delay on or off at the POD footswitch, but using the TAP switch does nothing except change the speed of the flashing light around the switch. Can someone help?
  13. Ok. I guess I did not understand enough about it. That is and has always been my biggest probelm with Line6. Not enough information. The user info is not plainly spelled out. And there is often mention of something, but that's all, just a mention. Plus, How do you get tech info - schematics, etc. I do all of my own work on anything and everything electronic. But it sure helps to have the roadmaps. And, I imagine someday my Line6 stuff will need something. I'd rather do the work myself and as a trained, experienced electronic tech, I should not have to pay someone else just becuase they have access. But, I digress. Thanks for your help!! :)
  14. How do you use or activate the Volume Boost on the DT50? I read that is available.....but so far find nothing that tells me how to do it.
  15. I had a 700. Now a JTV59. I like everythinga bout the 700 except the back of the neck. I have never been a fan of the satin feel on the back of the neck. I guess, as a child of the 60's, I grew up with lacquer on the neck and like it. As for the look of the 700, I though it was very pretty in the cherry sunburst. It would have benefitted greatly from the addition of a maple (flame) top. I would have still had the 700 if it had: maple top, set neck, finish on back of neck.
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