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  1. If I tell it to keep my presets, will my User banks stay in place? I want all the new stuff: tones, EQ, VARIAX bank. But I don't want to lose all the hours of work on sounds I created. What is the best way to do this?
  2. Now......... with the fully charged battery IN the guitar........... NO 1/4" cable.......... VDI to POD500X. It powers on and works. Is it running off the battery like this?
  3. I did not try the battery level indicator on the back of the guitar....actually forgot it had that. I can check that and post the result tonight. However, since I bought the guitar, I have never had a battery in the guitar - ever - until trying to troubleshoot. I did not try headphones. I assume you mean headphones plugged into the HD500X. However, I plugged my other guitars into the guitar input and the POD and DT50 work normally in that fashion. I did not try the magnetic pickups in the JTV. I guess you just plug a regular guitar cable into the 1/4' jack and straight to an amp? I will try that. I feel certain that would work. Though I would not use it that way as I need single coil tones most of the time.
  4. Well, I played to the two gigs with a Gibson (no Variax) guitar. What I have tried: 1. Several VDI cables. 2. Charging the battery and trying to power from the battery. 3. Placed a ball of paper inside the model knob and placed it back on the shaft. None of these would enable the JTV to power on. I tried pressing the shaft of the JTV model switch with the knob OFF - nothing. I have not tried using the battery + USB interface to see if Monkey or Workbench will see it. I will do that tonight, I used the HD500X on gigs this weekend and it was perfect with the Gibson.
  5. Pulled the model knob off, added a good amount of material in the knob and put it back on. Still nothing.
  6. Wow.......lots of info. 1. HD500X works beautifully with a non-Variax guitar. 2. No LEDs lit anywhere on guitar at all. 3. There is no mechanical click nor any tactile feel when pressing the model knob. I will look into that. I hope that is the problem. I have not played this rig since New Year's gig. I use it when I have to be a "musical chameleon". It was fine that night. However, I did press the knob quite firmly that night.
  7. I put the battery in, after charging it, still nothing from the guitar. I did not try to go from 1/4 to the amp. If I can't use models, I will just take a different guitar to the gig. I did open a ticket with Line6. I am afraid there is something wrong with the power section inside the guitar.
  8. With VDI, no battery inside, there is no sound at all.....pressing the model knob does not illuminate the LED, pressing the Alt Tuning knob does nothing.....no mags, no models nothing. I just tried the battery, after charging it, plugged into 1/4 input. Pressing the Model know still does not illuminate the LED. Did not plug into amp dute to it being so late here. I've never used the 1/4 input before. Always used with the VDI cable, no battery ever put in guitar.
  9. I have not used the guitar or entire Dream Rig in about six months, and everything was fine then. Wanted to use it on a gig tomorrow night. Got all three pieces out tonight....DT50 - HD500X and JTV59. All good except Variax will do nothing -- using VDI cable from guitar to POD.....tried another CAT5E cable....nothing. The lights on the model and tuning knobs do not light up.....I did not try a battery yet. I connected to HD500 Edit and made sure the presets were all as they should be. They were just like the last time I used it. I have not updated and fimware since last summer....so I know it's nothing like that. This must be a hardware problem. Has anyone seen this problem?
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