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  1. delanoamaral

    Trouble In Expression Pedal

    Hello folks... Here I am again facing trouble in my POD HD 500. I've just had problem in USB data transmission and a flashing Line 6 logo. I managed to solve it with some help from the forum, but now de expression pedal is not working. Even in the factory presets. It just turns ON or OFF the effect (Wah or Volume Pedal) but dont change the parameter. The Wah satys only in the OPEN position, and the Volume stays only opened too. Did someone face this trouble before? What have you done?
  2. delanoamaral

    Pod Hd 500 Lost Memory

    thanx man! i did it, and it worked!
  3. delanoamaral

    Pod Hd 500 Lost Memory

    Please, can someone help me! I was trying to use my POD HD 500 with the Editor, but when i connected the USB canle, a message appeared saying that was not possible to transmit the patches. After this, my POD HD 500 do not inicialize anymore, the screen shows only a flashing Line 6 logo. The hardware is not recognized by the softwares, i've already tried with the monkey and with the editor. Please, if someone knows the answer, tell me!