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Variax Acoustic Instrument FAQs


Q: How do I perform a Factory Reset on my Variax Acoustic?


Variax Acoustic 700 Hard reset: See the following link:


Variax Reflash and Software update F.A.Q.


Variax Acoustic 700 - Soft Reset
Start with unit off (TRS cable and/or Variax Digital cable unplugged from guitar). Rotate the model selector to the SITAR position.Press and hold model selector (as in Save routine) while inserting TRS cable or Variax Digital cable to power up the unit and perform reset.


Variax Acoustic 300 (Steel String and Nylon)
These instruments do not have a reset function. The presets are simply a variety of settings that the user can overwrite. In other words, the user cannot lose anything, except for the original settings that are provided as examples/starting points.


Q: Can I use the XPS power supply from a Variax electric guitar or bass to power my Variax Acoustic?
A: Yes, you can power the Variax Acoustic with the XPS power supplies from the other Variax electric guitars and vice versa.


Q: What is 'neck scale'?
A: Neck scale is the distance from the bridge to the nut. All Variax electric guitars have a scale of 25.5"


Q: How can I adjust the intonation on my Variax acoustic?
A: There is no way to easily adjust the intonation on the Variax acoustic guitar. Different string gauges can effect intonation, so try using a different string gauge if you are having intonation issues.


Q: How can I raise the action on my Variax 300 acoustic (nylon or steel) guitar a the bridge?
A: If you need to raise the action on your Variax acoustic 300, you will want to shim the bridge underneath the single piezo strip. If you do not feel confident doing this procedure yourself, please have an authorized Line 6 Service Center perform the procedure.


Q: What are the default alternate tunings on the Variax Acoustic 700?
A: The PDF file attached to this answer provides a nice little grid of all the default tuning modes for the standard Variax Acoustic 700 models. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your system, you can get it from the Adobe Website by clicking on the "Get Adobe Reader" link in the lower right hand corner of the webpage.


Q: Can I load Electric tones on my Variax Acoustic?
A: No. Because of differences between the architecture of the Variax Electric and Variax Acoustic guitars this is not possible. Please be aware that there are acoustic guitar tones available on the Variax electric models if you want to have acoustic and electric sounds on a single guitar.


Q: What size allen wrenches are used on the Variax acoustic guitars?
saddle height adjustment: 1.5mm
Truss Rod: 4mm


Q: What gauge of Phosphorus Bronze D'Addario strings are on the Variax Steel String Acoustic guitars?


E:12 (high)
E:52 (low)


Q: What strings come with the Variax 300 Nylon acoustic?
A: D'Addario ProArte Hard Tension strings


Q: What is the hole diameter for the tuning gears?
A: The Variax guitars accept the standard 10mm (13/32nd") tuning gear.


Q: What happens if I use different brand or gauge strings on my variax bass or guitar?
A: The results will be the same as changing string type or gauge on an analog bass or guitar. The Variax guitars are no different than most other guitars regarding setup and maintenance; the may need to be set up for different gauges play correctly, or seasonally to counteract climate changes. The Variax will accept any common string gauge for that instrument type.


Q: Can I put nylon strings on a steel string instrument (and vice-versa)?
A: You will have numerous mechanical issues if you restring a guitar with meant for one style of guitar with the other. Nylon strings tend to be thicker so they may not thread through the nut and/or tuning gear very easily. Nylon string will have at least 30 lbs less tension on the neck, so the truss rod may not be able correct for the correct tension, and may not be able to return to correct tension if/when the guitar is restrung with steel strings. Steel string installed on a nylon string guitar can crack the body/neck as it was never meant to take the tension increase of steel strings.


Q: Where can I get replacement bridge pins for my Variax acoustic guitar?
A: The bridge pins used on the Variax acoustic guitars are the same as any other bridge pin available from your local Line 6 dealer.


Q: Do the Variax guitars have a low or high output impedance?
A: All Variax guitars are low impedance, and should be treated like they are active instruments.


Q: What kind of finish is used on the Variax?
A: All Variax instruments use a polyester (yes, polyester) finish.


Q: What type of glue is used in the hardware?
A: Hide (i.e. horse) glue


Here is a document with a list of the Acoustic 700 presets with Pitch settings:


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