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  1. Aloha from Honolulu, Just got a refurbished JTV-59 from Line 6. Excited. A couple of newbie questions... (1) What is the best way to listen to Workbench changes through headphones? I read somewhere that I could run it through my POD HD500X, but it seems I'm hearing the POD's settings, not Workbench changes. I tried a "blank" slot in the POD, but it still wan't very satisfactory. What am I doing wrong? (2) I'm now running my JTV into my MacBook Pro and out to a Vox cabinet. Change the setting tho' I do — both on screen and with the JTV-59's knobs — but it all seems to sound the same. I'd have though a Les Paul simulation would be rather different from an acoustic 12-string from a banjo... Again, I must be messing up somehow... Any suggestions gratefully received. Will go back and re-watch the tutorials out there, try to get some of those tones... Mahalo! Cat
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