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  1. I wanted to ask about the issue that I have, and did not yet resolve. I'll try to install the Line 6 drivers again on my other mac, which is older and has OSX 10.14. What is the correct/safest order of installing the drivers and softwares that are needed to customise the Variax jtv and POD HD500? Thanks everyone for your advice!
  2. I didn't solve my problem because from reading previous posts, I now know the following: - most people who had trouble resulting from their USB 3 port could use a USB hub (which I guess is a hardware, that I don't have (and was advised not to use)) - The Youtube guide I saw about downloading drivers from June 2018 which worked perfectly for the one who posted it, and for many other in its comments, doesn't work for me. pianoguyy, could you please help me with breaking down the steps you suggested? or send me to an article about how to bypass the USB 3 without a hub? Thank you!
  3. Thanks hurghanico! I see that this post is from over a year ago, can it be that this issues wasn't resolved since then?
  4. Thanks very much for the fast reply! I don't know how *not* to use USB 3, or likewise how to avoid a USB hub. Where can I learn about this? I read that the Line 6 monkey isn't loading properly in Catalina, but I don't know about other issues with Apple products.
  5. I've bought a second-hand Variax jtv-69 and a POD HD500 and these days I'm trying to connect them with little success so I thought to post my questions here. My idea was to connect the Variax guitar through the POD HD500 to my MacBook and then access the various customisation options via the Workbench HD and POD Edit. So far none of these steps have worked for me. First of all, the HD500 isn't recognised by the POD HD500 Edit app in mac. I have a MacBook Pro late 2012 with 16GB and Catalina. I tried the two USB ports and neither will work. I even tried to install the drivers for the HD500 dated from 22-June-2018 which worked for a YouTuber (which I found in this forum) but does not work for me... I keep getting this message: "POD HD500 Edit - Could not detect a POD HD500 connected to your computer. POD HD500 Edit will run in offline mode." The Workbench HD doesn't recognise neither the POD nor the Variax guitar that is connected to it. Looking at the system diagnose I can actually see that the POD is connected to the USB (see the attached pictures). If anyone has an idea of a solution I'll be very grateful! Can't wait to see this gear working without issues.
  6. Hi, I've bought a used JTV-69 and some weeks later I realised that not having the special usb cable/workbench interface is actually a problem.. anyway.. I was charging the battery with the original charger and now I lost it. I have plenty of Sony NP-F batteries (which I know will not work with the JTV) but my question is if I can use the generic charger to charge the Variax battery? Thanks in advance!
  7. Thank you so much! exactly what I was looking for. Cheers!
  8. Hi, I was wondering if there are vdi cables available to purchase in Europe? I am searching for a better quality that the one from line6 offers. Some previous posts discuss about such alternatives, but they seems to be only available in the US. Thanks for any advice you may have!
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