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  1. I know this is a long time to reply but I've just leapt from El Capitan to Mojave. The way I get around this nuttiness is by just using the mouse, I don't have the same problem with the scrolling as you mentioned, so I can select, edit and save presets with the mouse, as well hide and quit the programme. The ball acher is naming a preset, but if you just save it as Default Tone and locate and rename the file itself, it comes straight up with the new name in the file browser. You can do it one letter at a time, pressing the 'Continue' button after each entry, which is OK for adding a two or three letters like Wah or DM2, but obviously not good for longer names, I have spent many many hours creating tones for all my guitars, including bass, and to think I couldn't use my beloved Podxt again made me feel distraught, so these ways of getting it to work fully, was a blessed relief! I DID however install Java runtime that made it run on ElCapitan (SE6 I think) before I ran Line 6 Edit on Mojave, maybe that will solve your scrolling issues?
  2. Hey no probs soundog and psarkissian, you probably subconsciously assumed I'd already tried it. I'll pass the info on to my local guitar guy and see what he says. As ever, many thanks. PS Wow, I didn't realise how censorious this forum was! :0) The replaced sh*t with lollipop LOL! Maybe it's my tainted old mind, but 'rocking horse lollipop' does NOT sound good, in fact to me, it sounds worse. Never mind, I'll keep it uber-clean in future, for all those minors with James Tylers, Helixes and old Varaxes.
  3. Hi Soundog, I've nailed it down to the A/B foot switch (XPS A/B) as the guitar works perfectly well on batteries. I don't know why I didn't try that at first (doh!) I have a back up PSU and the noise occurs with both of them, so it's definitely the foot switch. I Googled for a replacement, and crikey, they're as rare as rocking horse lollipop, no current viable hits at all. Ah well, at least I can play the old girl on battery power, it's a relief she's OK. My regular guitar fixer is looking for a replacement board for the foot switch, I'm not holding my breath, but you never know. Many thanks to you and psarkissian for your help, it's great to know you're out there in cyberworld with words of advice and wisdom. :0)
  4. Many many thanks for your attention on this psarkissian, it's truly appreciated. Now I can point the service engineer in the right direction when I send it to Line 6.
  5. 'm having trouble with my old Variax 700. There's a grumbling, crackle, squeal type noise underneath the output of the guitar sound. This is severely exacerbated when it's put through a heavily soaked distortion. Any ideas on what this might be? All help gratefully received! :0)
  6. Hi Soundog I hope you're well. I'm having trouble with my old Variax 700. There's a grumbling, crackle, squeal type noise underneath the output of the guitar sound. This is severely exacerbated when it's put through a heavily soaked distortion. Any ideas on what this might be? All help gratefully received! :0)


    1. soundog


      Oooh. That doesn't sound good. I've never had that problem, but if I had to guess I would wonder if it might be 1) defective component in circuit board; 2) bad power; 3) radio/light/power interference.


      Test 2 by trying any alternate variax power you can (XPS footswitch? battery?) Test 3 by eliminating any potential interference from USB, USB hub, etc. Keep signal as direct and clean as possible.


      If none of that changes anything, it may be time to check on the forum and parkinsan (sp?) may chime in. Hope its nothing serious!

    2. Snackbar


      Cheers Soundog for your helpful (as always) reply. I left it with a guitar tech early Friday with a different cable and transformer, so the two constants are the guitar and the foot switch. Obviously, the whole environment is different apropos any interference, and the fact he's not got back to me yet makes me assume he's having trouble tracking down the problem. Your first suggestion (defective component in circuit board) sounds like the most likely.


      I jokingly told the guitar tech that plan B was to rip the gizzards out of it and stick in a couple of high quality P90s, not so much a joke now. I had a look on eBay for a replacement but was shocked at how much people want for them, £500 for a 500! Now that isn't a joke.


      I'll post the issue to the forum, see if parkinsan bites.


      Many thanks again.

  7. Hi Vanilla, Have you tried arming the record button on your Cubase input channel, but keep the monitor switch in the off position. So the record button is red and the monitor button remains grey. You should be able to see the dry signal coming in to the channel, but not be able to hear it. Just an idea, let me know how it goes.
  8. I'm afraid I got stuck on the barbed wire and shot to pieces! Nothing worked, so you post is truly appreciated :0) I think I've already got the older version of Java to run Line 6 Edit, so hopefully I'll be OK installing the non HD version of the Variax Workbench. Many thanks for putting me on the right path, and your absolutely right about Line 6 and many other companies lack of support for older gear. I've got a PodXT completely loaded with the expansion pack and it gives me everything I want, as does the Variax 700. Do I want a Pod HD or a James Tyler Variax... No!!
  9. Hi guys, I know it's been a long time, but I'm about to try to get Workbench working for my old Variax 700 in the next few weeks or so. Maybe some of you have found workarounds, if so I'd love to see them, but you may be still suffering. If so, this link is for a Cubase workaround that has exactly the same message 'Wrong Mac OSX Version': - The instructions are detailed, and so long as you don't try to install Workbench on an OS older than 10.5 (why would you?) there will be no harm to your system at all. By simply removing some script from the installer, the software will install and function normally. If the installer works in a different way, with smaller packets inside the main packet, then I will be trying this one out: - Again, you're taken step by step through the process. Who know if they'll work for me, it would be great to get my Liquid Mix working as well as Workbench. You may want to wait until I've gone over the barbed wire first, so I'll post again in a fortnight or so and let you know how I got on :0)
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