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  1. soundog

    HX Stomp XL blocks

    +1 for the Stomp XL...
  2. Is the conroller and Helix for studio use, or playing out live? For studio, between the two, I'd pick the Morningstar. You can always add a low cost expression pedal if you need to control a parameter via MIDI CC (like volume, wah, filter, etc). I prefer the flexibility, screen and form factor of the Morningstar. If you don't need footswitches and just a MIDI studio controller, then there are lots of low cost options. Even a MIDIMix or nanokontrol will do a lot of tricks.
  3. I've used a separate low cut filter with a steep roll-off (separate plug-in) in front of Native at times .... it really does help clean up some tones. You could do the same with a Helix block, I suppose, but I just like to do it that way. I figure its like having a really good bass knob on yer geetar.
  4. An advantage of the Expression pedal method is that it provides a good workout for your plantar muscle.
  5. I wonder if that is related to this: Good to know the bug has been reported. Thanks, @Leroy2112
  6. @datacommando.... Well, of course! I fixed my post. @igorkulik I like it very much!
  7. Also, you mention cleans are OK but higher gains suck. Hmmmm. All the advice here is excellent, but do pay special attention to your levels throughout the signal path (audio interface, Helix input and all blocks, Garageband levels, etc). Make sure nothing is being over-driven, and better to boost levels at your final output if needed.
  8. @igorkulik -- very cool! Please tell us more about your setup, especially the monitor running Native.
  9. FYI, I've been really liking the Teensy (Arduino based) boards for MIDI controller projects: https://www.pjrc.com/teensy/
  10. Nice! Thanks so much for all your hard work.
  11. Gig Performer 3 is by far the best plug-in host I've found, and has the best MIDI control support I've found. Its expensive, but goes on sale now and then. I haven't tried Helix Native with it yet, but used it a lot with other plugins when I was performing live.
  12. Thanks, makes sense and also helps. I just wish that Native could sync to the Stomp. When I tried to match Native to my Stomp (preset order, IR slot numbers, etc) it was a royal pain; lots of manual work. I was hoping I could just import the Stomps backup file into Native in one swoop. No such luck. Looks there's no easy path, @karlkaminski .... just some manual labor. I'll look on Ideascale and see if anyone has requested some sort of hardware-to-Native synch or import. UPDATE. There are at least 4 separate idea requests on Ideascale along the same lines. Here they are, with the two on top being the most relevant. Vote if ya want! https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Ability-to-Restore-Native-from-HX-Edit-Backup/918622-23508 https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Sync-Function-between-Helix-Hardware-HX-Edit-Helix-Native/918019-23508 https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Helix-Floor-Helix-Native-Sync/990695-23508 https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Complete-backup-of-setlist-AND-impulse-responses/967237-23508
  13. This is an interesting topic to me. Since I'm not gigging live any these days, my Stomp is confined to my basement studio. I play my guitar through the Stomp, edit my presets using HX Edit, and keep my presets in a folder. All is good. When I record guitar tracks, I monitor my DAW tracks along with the "live" Stomp output. I keep a dry track for the guitar, then use a duplicate preset in Native, and tweak it a little if needed depending on the needs of the song. So, @datacommando, your method seems to fit my workflow. What I'm wondering, though, is it possible to "sync" the Stomp and Native presets (and IRs) so I always work with one master setlist of presets/IRs. Those would be created and maintained with Stomp/HX Edit. Ideally, Native would use this same master set. If I wanted to edit a preset for a Logic Project, I would make those edits and only save them with the project; they would not be saved/rewrite the master preset. For now, I feel like I have to do a lot of manual setlist building in Native to get all the presets/IRs to match exactly what I have on the Stomp. (I have Hardware Compatibility set to "Stomp" in Native.) As you say "hope this makes sense"! If you have any other Stomp - Native/Logic workflows you've settled on, I'd love to hear about them...
  14. My normal fee for Online Forum Article Writing is 15 cents per word, and the composition "HX Stomp for Home Studio Use" is 699 words. So if this was a copy & paste job, @Limon121 owes me $104.85. (Limon, PM me and I'll send you my address for the check.)
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