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  1. With all respect. I feel that most of the reactions have not properly interpreted my initial reaction. This is not about 6 blocks, 24 blocks or whatever. This is not about favoring the GT-1000core over the Helix Stomp. I am a very happy HX Stomp user. However I am not a fanboy and I do keep my eyes open and try to be subjective about other brands and devices. I believe in honest competition. And the competition is clearly not standing still. Ultimately if we want an better Helix devices it will (partly) come from the competition moving in closer. This can come in the form of hardware, software or both. BTW I play bass. Most of the times 6 blocks is good enough for me and the Helix is part of a larger pedalboard setup. Instead of more blocks my wish list would be more bass related amps/fx's. And (guess it will not be on this hardware version) remote (read bluetooth) editor options. Happy Hx-ing
  2. For everyone in the are "6 blocks" enough discussion. The HX Stomp has a very appealing price point and form factor. This has been replicated by the competition as well and the competition is not standing still. Latest (and this might be the biggest competitor) is the Boss GT-1000Core. Just one of the features Unlimited sound creation with 24 simultaneous effects blocks—including two different amps—and numerous series/parallel routing options !!!!! Interesting to see the Line 6 response. Maybe a HX Stomp v2 :-)
  3. Has anyone come across the following; On a few occasions my Helix Stomp has boot up to default (presets) with all custom (own) presets gone. This has now happened a few times during rehearsals. I now take my Macbook with backups to gigs as the Helix is someone unreliable. I am running the 2.82 FW Has anyone experienced the same and/or heard about a solution for this issue. If there already is a topic dealing with the same issues, my apologies.
  4. while listening to the part (great song by the way), i am hearing just a very slight growl and not to much distortion. As the the previous comments mentioned, this is very likely the combination of EQ and compression. As I believe Donald "Duck" Dunn did the bass part for this song, I would start with researching how he builds up his sound and what he uses. Of course it is all in the fingers and we can never be the late great Duck Dunn, however you could start with his amp+cab which I believe is Ampeg and experiment by adding compression and eq. Find some other songs and articles which are widely available (youtube etc) to find out more about his sound and technique I really like this bass sound, might actually try to re-create one and post it :-) ...hope this helps....
  5. Thanks for the reply. Just needed the comparison on the Effects and amp/cab modelling being well aware about the cosm/mod and synth gadget sounds on the VG. The VG technology some years old now and that whole VG line retired, i can imagine newer devices on the market taking the lead. Time for me for something new :-)
  6. Helix Owners, how would the Helix and the Roland VG99 compare when not looked at the COSM technology, but sound quality, DSP and effects? Maybe some with both units has a qualified opinion ? Thank you,
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