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  1. Yes I was surprised it didn’t. I assumed it’d be an application much like HX Edit - not sure why they’re not one and the same to be honest, and just have it as a requirement that it can only be used when not connected to Helix hardware or a valid Native licence is in place. But like you say - upsides to being in a DAW too!
  2. Thanks. I’ll look into some of the free hosts but to be honest it sounds as if doing as you say with a blank project in Logic will be just as quick as any other solution! It’d be good to see it offered as a standalone program in future though. I imagine there’s a fair chunk of people that don’t need a fully fledged DAW and just want Native as a home/practice solution.
  3. Hello All I used to own an LT but sold it when I fell away from playing guitar. I am now getting back in the game and have purchased Native and a set of monitor speakers to get me up and running again. I’m using an iMac and had a couple of questions - Is there any way to get Native running without loading up a DAW? It would be great to be able to launch it as a standalone programme but I’m guessing that’s not possible? - Assuming the answer to the above is ‘no’, what’s the quickest way to get things up and running each time? I’m using logic, I presume I can define an empty project with a single guitar track and Native pre loaded as the Audio FX as a ‘default’ template I can load each time Logic starts? Thanks in advance for any tips.
  4. Interesting. I have a 2i2 gathering dust in the drawer here, maybe I'll try running that in between the Mac and the Helix!
  5. Thanks for that @cruisinon2 , pretty much confirmed my own thoughts on everything (Helix at noon, speakers at noon and guitar volume untouched unless I’m actively looking to change the tone). I think I’m making it out to be more complicated than necessary because of the annoying way that the Mac disables it’s own volume control when you have the helix plugged in, which means you’re reliant on using each application’s own volume control to adjust the volume (ie web browser/music player/etc). I think I’ll set the helix master to noon (which will be way too loud for the Mac sound) and then use the global setting in the helix to reduce the volume on the usb.
  6. Hi All I’m back to Helix after coming back to electric guitar following a period of absence and I have some questions about managing the volume that comes out. I’m quite new to guitar in general and don’t have much experience of real amps so don’t assume I know anything, probably safest! Im using a Helix LT connected to Yamaha HS5 speakers, and I have the Helix connected to my MacBook and and so am sending sound from the Mac through the setup also. Basically I want to get set up so that the volume coming out of the system can be varied as easily as possible without fundamentally changing the tone of my patches. I play in a home/bedroom setup so have to be mindful of different times of day and how loud I can get away with playing. I’m just kind of confused by all the different ways that volume changes, and I need a bit of clarity. There’s just so many variables I never know what to change. There’s: - The big master volume knob on the Helix - Volume control on each speaker - Volume control on the guitar - Channel volume on the amp/cab - Master volume on the amp/cab Injever know what to dial back (or up) - I end up just using the master volume knob on the Helix but this can then play havoc with what I’m playing out of the Mac, as having the Helix connected to the Mac disables the Mac volume controls. I’d appreciate any pointers! Thanks
  7. Thanks for that, I'm with you now! Yes you're right - it's just that I'm used to leaving it at 100% or default level in individual applications and then using the 'master' mac volume to adjust accordingly - so it's now just a case of using application specific controls instead of the control on the Mac itself. No big deal :) Thanks for your help
  8. Ah my mistake, thanks! I’ll play around :)
  9. Sorry I’m new to this...does that mean what it sounds like - it would reduce the volume by half for anything coming from the Mac? Wouldn’t that juat lead to a different imbalance? Ie if the sound from the Mac is quieter than the guitar even with the application volume at 100%, you’d need to use the guitar’s volume control to balance it out? I’m probably just making a bigger deal out of it than it actually is to be honest, I’m just used to using the Mac’s volume control to balance what I send to my computer speakers vs what’s coming out of my modelling amp (in the pre Helix world) and now I just have to use the application specific volume control rather than the global one on the Mac. Not really any different just a different mechanism....
  10. Thanks. I guess I’ll juat have to get used to using application specific volume controls to control the Mac output rather than ‘global’ volume keys.
  11. Hi All Brand new HeliX (LT) owner here and just had a question with regards using it as the sound output device for my Mac so that I can have anything I play on the Mac (ie backing tracks) coming out of the same speakers as the guitar. I’ve got the Helix hooked up to the Mac and set as the output from the system preferences so that the Mac sound comes out of the monitor speakers. However, this seems to disable the output volume control on the Mac - ie the volume level out from the Mac is not adjustable using the Mac’s own volume controls - so I am forced to use individual program volume controls (ie on YouTube or in iTunes or Transcribe etc) Is there a way around this? I often play along over stuff on the internet or whatever and often it’s at quite widely differing levels - I’m finding I’ll often have an imbalance in volume from the Mac source and the guitar. I would normally counter this by using the volume controls on the Mac to adjust up or down. I guess I could use a pair of normal PC speakers and not bother having the Mac sound coming out of the monitors but then that has its own headaches whenever I want to use headphones.
  12. Thanks all for your help. I should be able to demo the Yamaha’s locally so I think I’ll start there :)
  13. Budget is £500 for the pair which gives me quite a lot of options which is why I wouldn’t mind paying more for the smaller speaker IF the small size doesn’t mean I’m paying more for ‘less’ - ie can a more expensive 3†speaker be as good or better than a cheaper 5†speaker? My knowledge of this world is fairly limited. The Genelec get a lot of positive reviews I just don’t know if I’ll regret going smaller. I imagine both kick out a lot more volume than I’d ever be able to use in a small bedroom anyway??
  14. Hi All Newbie Helix (LT) owner to be, here! I’m trying to decide which set of studio monitors is right for me to run the Helix through and I keep going back and forth between these two mentioned. The Yamaha have a bigger physical footprint and 5†woofer, and are cheaper than the Genelec. The Genelec appeal because of their very small physical size, however they are 50% more expensive and also have a smaller woofer (3â€) They will be used in a small upstairs room, on a desk. That was why I was leaning towards the Genelec’s as they’ll take up less space - but I can accommodate the larger Yamaha’s if they are the better option for me. Unfortunately there’s nowhere I could go and A/B them. All advice and input welcome. Thanks!
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