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  1. specracer986

    Powercab or powercab plus

    There are a lot of cab options to play with and if you don't like any of the cabs then you can dive into IR's to send to FOH. I don't know why the cabs sound "ratty" to you. Are you sure you're not sending too strong of a signal to the PC? If the led is constantly flashing red, then you're overdriving the input. I don't get a "crackling" noise with the L6 cable.
  2. specracer986

    Delaune vs Fremen vs MBritt patches - a review

    I thought I would add that Freeman has some patches that have chord pads. They are unique and sound great, if you have a song they will work for.
  3. specracer986

    Variax? Or not?

    I agree. My Variax acoustic results vary by the song. Sometimes it's passable. Other times I can't get a full mid based sound and it's either too boomy or too shrill. Worth having as an option, but not a great option.
  4. specracer986

    Is variax dead?

    Ok, I didn't fully think that statement out. I guess my JTV with a Bubinga fb could be the rarest yet. But I don't think I've heard of any stock JTV necks coming with ebony, unless I missed that.
  5. specracer986

    Is variax dead?

    Interesting. I really thought they were done producing the JTV's. If you actually get the guitar, let us know. Having an ebony FB will make it pretty unique.
  6. Any Strat replacement neck will fit a JTV69. So regardless of whether Warmoth has a "deal" with Line 6 or not, you can buy one of their Strat necks and put it on a JTV69. Just don't have them drill the mounting holes because the spacing is a little different. They charge you $15 for not drilling the holes. If the link works, here's a photo of my Warmoth replacement neck on my JTV69. It's mahogany with Bubinga FB, SS frets, Earvana nut.
  7. specracer986

    Volume Fluctuation

    When I started this thread my Helix was always connected to my computer via USB for patch tweaking, and to my DXR12 for monitoring. I have no idea if that affected the problem or not. I haven't used the XLR out in a long time. I did have a noise problem with the USB connected, that using XLR out fixed. My current situation has me back to a combo amp. So my Helix rig only gets sporadic use.
  8. specracer986

    Volume Fluctuation

    I don't have a definitive answer for you. I bought a PC+ and connect to that with the L6 cable and then out of the PC+ to FOH. I never chased down the cause of the problem that I started this thread about and never contacted Line 6 about it. It was only happening with XLR out and it was not a constant occurrence. Since there were ways to work around it, I just let it go. I'm not currently gigging the Helix rig, so ignorance is bliss here.
  9. specracer986

    Odd preset after updated to 2.71 on HX Effects

    I'm a little surprised that no one with a Stomp can tell the OP what their preset 16A is. Seems like an easy enough question.
  10. specracer986

    Famous guitarists guitars

    I'll work on it. I find the JP15 to be fairly different from all my other guitars. Probably worth modeling.
  11. specracer986

    Famous guitarists guitars

    Excuse me for being slow on the uptake, but are you looking for owners of signature guitars, like my JP15, or owners of guitars that were previously owned by a famous guitarist? Dumb question #2: you're looking for a DI recording I assume.
  12. specracer986

    Image/attachment allotment

    I never realized there was such a problem with attachments here. Can't you just use a third party hosting site like imgur?
  13. specracer986

    Downsizing FRFRs... thoughts?

    If you're tight on space, I would question why you need a pair of anything. But I don't mess with stereo effects, so I have no need for two speakers. I believe you can order Xitone's with a wide variety of covering material. Maybe you can find something that will blend into the decor. Just a thought.
  14. specracer986

    Custom neck

    You can't change the neck on a JTV59, it's set. You can change the neck on a JTV69 with any Strat replacement neck. I used Warmouth.
  15. specracer986

    JTV T-style

    I would guess that the next new Variax we see will be from a Yamaha guitar. Probably the Revstar. Beyond that, who knows. The cogs turn slowly in the Variax realm. Like you, I bought my first JTV 69, just to see if there might be something there I could use with my Helix. After putting on a new neck, it's now my main guitar. Surprised the heck out of me. I even take it to jam nights when I'm not taking my Helix. A lot of guys kind of squint at it and wonder what the H that is.