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  1. I'm glad that your amp is back and sounds good. But a year to get repaired at a L6 service center is not an encouraging story. I just bought a DT50 a couple of days ago. I've had to reinstall the firmware twice already. I really want to keep this amp as it sounds pretty good. But it's scaring me a bit and knowing that I can't get it serviced in a timely manner makes it worse. I'm planning on making this amp part of my band rig with my Helix floor. I hope I'm not making a huge mistake.
  2. Because the mag pickups are quite good. You might find, like me, that you use them a lot. So, you're better off to choose the style that you like to play. Then if your brain suddenly doesn't like any of the sims, you just push the knob and use the mags. I've had a JTV89 and two JTV69's. I've never tried the JTV59.
  3. I don't have a 59, but my 69 measures 36.5mm. I guess string gauge would affect the measurement. Mine has 9.5/44's on it.
  4. When I had the two JTV's at the same time, I was using my first FRFR with my Helix, a DXR12. This was before high and low cuts became common knowledge, and I was fighting high end sizzle and artifacts. The maple neck JTV seemed to exacerbate the problem more than the mahogany neck JTV did. It wasn't a huge difference, but every time I would A/B them back to back with the same patch and settings, the maple neck would seem a little brighter. This was always using the same strings and a Variax sim, not the mag pickups. The only other difference between the two guitars was the maple neck was a short Gibson 24 3/4" scale length. I don't know if the scale length had any effect on the tone. Anyway, I sold the maple neck JTV and kept the mahogany neck sunburst. That neck is a standard thin profile and still feels really good in my hand. Plus I like the bubinga fretboard. Before you change necks, you should experiment with strings, because they do make a difference, especially if you changed brands as well as gauge. I remember that the stock neck had very nice acoustic tone and good sustain. It was just a little too bulky for me. Good luck.
  5. I had three JTV's at the same time. I only kept the JTV69 with the mahogany / bubinga neck. I sold the JTV69S with the short scale, maple neck. I decided the short scale wasn't doing anything for me. There was a noticeable difference in tone between the maple and mahogany neck, and I decided I liked the mahogany better. The earvana nut is something that doesn't make a huge difference, but every bit helps. So when ever I have the opportunity, I choose to use one. Both guitars that I now have with them are very stable. They both have a trem which I use a lot, but they hold their tune very well. My only negative on the Warmoth necks is I would never order a "Modern" again. I had the Gotoh side adjuster crack on one, which left me having to remove the neck to make truss rod adjustments. Not exactly modern. If I order another Warmoth neck it will be a "Vintage / Modern". Here's a photo of my two JTV 69's, while I had them.
  6. Yes. Thanks. I've been lucky and never really had an update problem.
  7. On the left column I was selecting Helix, middle column Helix Native, right column my OS. Only a link to Native 1.0 would come up. Seems a little screwy to me. But, thanks. I think I had the same problem last update. I'll try remember for next time.
  8. When I go to the L6 site and search for Native download, it only comes up with 1.0. I can't find 1.92. Could someone enlighten me.
  9. The modeling will work with a regular guitar cable. You can't connect to HD Workbench, or update any of the models without a VDI cable. Also, you can't make your JTV talk to a Helix and change with the patches.
  10. The fact that this sale includes significantly reduced U.S. Tyler's that aren't refurbished, tells me that they're looking to clear out the old.
  11. You'll never get confirmation of this from anyone. But sooner or later they will either release a new Variax model, or let the whole thing die. I'm guessing this is a good sign that they aren't going to let Variax die. But who knows how long it might be before we actually see a new model and whether it will shake up the segment or just be more of the same old? My JTV69 was my #1 guitar for about two years. It now hasn't been played for about a year. So I'm ripe to see a new model.
  12. The Stomp has completely different factory presets than Helix floor does, because the Stomp only has six blocks and holds a lot fewer presets than the floor.
  13. You don't have to worry about the hole placement hitting anything. But, I bought two Warmoth necks with the side adjusting Gotoh box and I won't buy another. I managed to crack the one adjusting box, with very little effort, making it useless. So after that I had to remove the neck to make adjustments. The Gotoh box is made of pot metal and not very sturdy, IMO. My next Warmoth neck will have the truss rod adjustment at the headstock.
  14. Are you sending a hot enough signal into the PC to keep the LED light green / orange? That's the first mistake we all seem to make. The PC needs to have a strong signal or it won't sound right.
  15. There are a lot of cab options to play with and if you don't like any of the cabs then you can dive into IR's to send to FOH. I don't know why the cabs sound "ratty" to you. Are you sure you're not sending too strong of a signal to the PC? If the led is constantly flashing red, then you're overdriving the input. I don't get a "crackling" noise with the L6 cable.
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