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  1. Thank you so much,the headrush is tempting for the price and the powercab videos like Jlondon say sounds like crap...one thing that I can’t see is the truly advantage of the powercab plus over the normal,only haven’t to spend memory of the helix...Rd2rk the headrush how feels when you play on it,you get the amp in the room effect?thanks again
  2. Hi!I rencently purchased a helix floor and at the first moment I go to my tube amp with the 4cm but I’m looking for something more easy,to carry and simplicity. Like the amp in the room sound and I think the powercab is the way to go,the question is if I will get the normal powercab or better the plus, because I would prefer not to overpay. Also had the headrush frfr someone tried it?Thank’s
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