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  1. Correct. Just the Modern, that was my mistake. And yes, SS frets for sure. I love them as well. And yes, I will for sure get the neck with no holes. My only real question/purpose for this post was to find out if the hole in the Line 6 body will be in line with the side adjustment (Gotoh Box) or will I be able to drill without hitting it. From the answer above it looks like there is room. Thanks.
  2. Greetings all, I am replacing the JTV-69 neck with a Warmoth neck. The Warmoth "modern" and "vintage modern" necks have a different truss rod as well as a side adjustment access for the truss rod. Does anyone know if the non standard hole placement on the JTV will hit anything? Has everyone who replaced necks only used their "vintage" necks? Thank you for any insight.
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