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  1. Thank you all for the very interesting suggestions I have updated the Tone master which gives the equivalent of cutting C22 in the vibrato channel. I have 2 external pedals a Nux Morning Star which is their take on a Bluesbreaker pedal for my attempted Blues Breaker Beano album tones and a Nux FET driven tube screamer which is my always on pedal at unity gain no overdrive. The reason I want the Plexi sound is to get Gary Moore type od I believe he used a Marshall governor into a JTM 45 and was considering buying a electro harmonix Glove pedal but I have the stomp so am giving it a go first. I am off to experiment will let you know how it turns out.
  2. Hi before anyone replies just use the plexi amp model what I am doing is going into a Fender Deluxe reverb Tone master which does not have a send return circuit and I would like a plexi type sound either using the pedals in the helix or the plexi preamp and some EQ to make it less harsh. Does anyone has any ideas or workaround before I resort to buying a pedal?
  3. I guess although I might be wrong that you want to use the Litigator amp to get close to a Dumble amp sound if that is the case the HX has a close approximation to a zendrive pedal it is called the Dhyana drive.
  4. I ordered one for my stomp and they had wired it incorrectly at the factory switch 1 should be tip and switch 2 should be ring. After testing with a multimeter I discovered that was wired the wrong way so opened it up and resoldered now all is well.
  5. There are so many variables to contend with as DD said you are not saying how you are setting this up are you going into a Daw or PA, FHFH, etc the mike placement I tend to use a ribbon mikes and pulled back a bit but that's just me everyone is different. One tip I picked up from watching Richie Castellano on a facebook video recently is his parametric eq after the amp/speaker which to me make the amp sound more natural to my ears settings below:- Low freq 230Hz Low Q 0.7 Low Gain 1.6Db Mid Freq 4 Khz Mid Q 0.7 Mid Gain -3.1Db High freq 8 Khz High Q 0.7 High gain +2.1 Db Low cut off High cut 8.9 Khz Level 0 He got this by recording his Helix into a Daw and using the parametric plugin in the daw and then transferred these settings to the Helix I guess if you use a daw you could do the same. What he has done is upped the lows a bit and cut around 4 Khz where the fizz is. I have come to the conclusion after many years listening to guitar tone and music that everyone hears things differently, in other words, each person's ears is not a biological constant and what one mans great tone is another's torture.
  6. After reading the post on how to update from Line 6 was pleased I had no problems and was very straight forward. Love the new Grammitco and my fav pedals are KOT both the prince and KOT also the zendrive and have been having fun plugging my cheap zendrive clone pedal (Mooer Rumble) in to compare.
  7. I would play what I am happy with if he is happy with his tube amp that's ok too the problem is he wants you to be the same as him. I use a tube amp when gigging but use the helix as a pedal board I also have a power cab and have used that as well the only difference between the Helix and the tube amp is not in the sound but the lack of harmonic feedback (if you hit and hold a note and turn towards the amp to be rewarded with a lovely F3 harmonic) now I am old and play blues/classic rock and this is important to me but at some point I think Line 6 will address this either by adding a frequout pedal or some other magical gigery pockery but if I did not do this kind of playing I would be happy with the Helix into the Powercab
  8. Thanks datacommando might buy these would be great not to have to take 2 guitars to a gig. This getting old malarkey is not good but interesting getting there.
  9. Interesting now I am sure I am going to ask a stupid question here but I am old so forgive me. So if I want my Les Paul to sound like a Strat do I buy the Les Paul package or the Strat package and also the other way round if I want my strat to sound like a LesPaul?
  10. I have the Helix LT and use it in 3 different ways. Live I use it into a valve combo amp but do not use amp or cab sim so all I am using is several types of od or dist a volume and wah the amp has good reverb so apart from a little delay it all goes into the front I can also channel switch from the Helix. The second way I can use it live is with a power Cab in which case I add an amp but do not need the cabs, I am not so convinced by this method as you do not get controlled feedback the same as you would from my combo amp and one reason I would like a freqout pedal in the Helix. The last way I use the Helix is direct into my daw or digital recorder ay home with full modeling If you use a JTM45(and therefore do not have a send and return) you will have to try and get as much clean headroom as you can if you want to use time effects like delay/reverb as they do on That pedal show on utube.
  11. When I got the Helix LT I put my pedal board into the send and return on the helix and switched between helix version of OCD,Klon and tube screamer and the real deal on my board and to be honest there was not much in it tone wise . You mention a bass cut on the amps input, but it is there in the helix if you prepared to use either the parametric or graphic eq before the amp or at the beginning of the chain. In fact using eq before or after an amp block can improve what you are expecting i.e. most folk say the nearest to a Dumble a helix comes to is the litigator model if you look at the circuit for a dumble you will find that the tone stack/FET element comes pretty close in the beginning of the signal chain so try putting a graphic in front of the litigator with more 500 Hz and 750 Hz dialed in and it will sound even more like a Dumble. This kind of thinking will get you closer with other amps too the tools are there but sometimes you need to think outside the box a bit to obtain your goal.
  12. I use my amp stand if I want to edit this way
  13. Hi it is just a standard guitar cable with a 1/4" jack on each end by putting the cable into the fx return you are bypassing the amps preamp and effectively using the power amp section of the amp.
  14. I used to own the DT25 as part of "The Dream Rig" set up with variax JTV59 and HD500 and after messing about with it came to the conclusion that if you wanted the HD500 to sound the same as you are hearing out of the headphones or powered monitors at home then connect from the 1/4" out to fx return on the amp.
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