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  1. Update HX edit to current version Turn on Helix while holding down Mode and Tap switches Open Line 6 updater update firmware through Line 6 updater
  2. A preset that sounds like a cello. Or know where to get one? Thanks
  3. Ok Thanks for the replies
  4. How can I do this to jam along with tracks. Where track and guitar come through air pods only. Possible?
  5. ch4920

    2.70 and Mojave

    smooth update. Thanks for the tuner!
  6. ch4920

    2.70 and Mojave

    Anyone updated? any issues?
  7. ch4920

    Trey Tone

    ok Thank you
  8. ch4920

    Trey Tone

    Anyone have a good Trey preset? Nothing on Custom Tone
  9. Using Guitar + Vocals preset I turned up the EQ and the Compressor gain. Works as it should. I'm on v2.30
  10. Say I always want my amp settings to be controlled by snapshots? Seems like a PITA if I have to do this ever time i create a preset. Or is there a reason why I wouldn't want to do this?
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