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  1. jm345

    HX Effects IR questions

    No problem, I know exactly what you mean. :-) Actually I was surprised to find the HX Effects wasn't its own sub-topic under Helix.
  2. jm345

    HX Effects IR questions

    Thanks, that's what I thought. Back to the IRs. :-)
  3. jm345

    HX Effects IR questions

    Does the HX Effects have cabs? I didn't see them listed in the Owner's Manual - just that it can use IRs.
  4. jm345

    HX Effects IR questions

    One of my uses will be using a preamp into the Effects and then to a recording interface, so I assume I will need an IR block in the chain.
  5. jm345

    HX Effects IR questions

    The HX Effects manual says, "NOTE: Just like a true speaker cab, IR blocks are mono. Therefore, an IR block will sum any stereo source that is fed into it to mono." I get that. It doesn't sound like there an option to set the IR block to stereo? If not then it has to be placed before any stereo blocks. So the IR block would come before effects like stereo delay and stereo reverb blocks. If that is true, my question is does having the IR block that far forward in the chain affect the ultimate sound at the end?
  6. jm345

    HX Effects IR questions

    Thanks, I anticipate using only one IR but I want the HX to output stereo so I was concerned that by putting the IR block before my stereo blocks that it might affect the sound.
  7. jm345

    HX Effects IR questions

    I have ordered the HX Effects and am reading the manual and watching the videos. The manual says, "NOTE: Just like a true speaker cab, IR blocks are mono. Therefore, an IR block will sum any stereo source that is fed into it to mono." If I want stereo output it seems I should put the IR block someplace with any other mono blocks and place the stereo blocks at the end? Will the location of the IR block have any effect on the overall final sound output, other than the obvious stereo/mono issue? Does the HX Effects come with any IRs preloaded? Is the HX Edit software functioning for importing IRs to the HX Effects? Thank you.
  8. jm345

    Helix Live - XLR for onstage and FoH?

    What is a recommended DI?
  9. jm345

    Helix Mic Input Replacement

    Mine failed also. There is a thread about it here. Bottom line, contact Line 6 and open a support ticket.
  10. jm345

    I Finally Sorted Out My Toybox

    Cool! I just ordered the same Strymon pedals to add to my Helix. How are you running them into the Helix? Thanks
  11. jm345

    Fix latency recording Helix USB out in PC

    I record with Audacity thru the Helix. I monitor with headphones from the Helix and can record multiple tracks of guitar and mic with no discernible latency. I am hardly an expert with Audacity but it is working for me. My Interface Preferences show I am using MME as the Host with the Playback and Recording Devices set to Line 6.
  12. jm345

    Helix Native Trouble

    OK. Got it. Thanks Phil.
  13. jm345

    Helix Native Trouble

    I can't find the Native program on my computer after installation. Win 10. MD 5 checksum says the downloaded file is OK. The only programs I see installed under Line 6 is "Helix Native Pilot's Guide" and "Uninstall". The only files in C:\Program Files (x86)\Line 6\Helix Native is Uninstall.exe.
  14. jm345

    Using an Alto TS210 for FRFR

    Peter, what is the 8" floor monitor you are using? Thanks
  15. jm345

    How to use the microphone input?

    I opened a support ticket and am sending it to Line 6.