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  1. I note that the update instructions state, "Open YOUR CURRENT VERSION of HX Edit (NOT the new HX Edit 2.80)." Well I'm installing on a new computer. Should I install an older version of HX Edit to do backup before I install 2.80? Thanks Simon
  2. Can this be done the other way around? I have XLR to my stage monitor not FoH.
  3. OK, I'm being a numpty. I can't work out how to control my onstage monitor independently from the FoH signal. Setup: 1. XLR mono to stage monitor. 2. 1/4" mono out to DI > XLR to mixer. Help! S
  4. Does anyone have any tips on how to make sure levels/volume are consistent between different snapshots other than the obvious - using one's ears! Has anyone tried using a Decibel meter? Is there a way to do this within a DAW or another piece of software? Any advice will be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Simon
  5. Thanks for the excellent advice people. Simon
  6. Isn't this opposite to what Uber Guru was suggesting? I think he is saying 1/4" to DI then to PA, XLR to on stage personal monitor?
  7. Would you recommend using a 1/4" to a DI, then?
  8. I use an active PA speaker as my amp, connected with one XLR cable. Can I use the other XLR output direct to mixing desk to FoH? If so, how do I set the Helix so that both XLRs are set as mono outputs (I don't want the Helix thinking that they are stereo outputs). I hope this makes sense. Thanks Simon
  9. Hi I'm struggling with an issue concerning automation of HELIX using Ableton Live. It should be very simple. All I want to do is use Ableton to control Snapshot changes. The problem is, it starts to work OK and then, for no reason, Helix stops receiving the midi signal from Ableton (the tempo light changes from flashing blue (connected) to flashing red). Then the only way I can reconnect is by unplugging the USB from my Mac and then it works again. It always stops working at exactly the same time (after the first automated snapshot change). I really need some help because I'm stumped. Simon
  10. Hi is anyone using Helix with Ableton Live? So far, I have had some success using Ableton to automatically switch between patches and snapshots using Midi Envelopes. This is fantastic for when I am playing live (we also use Ableton to play keyboard backing tracks and generate a click track for our drummer). However, I find the midi switching behaves quite randomly at times. Sometimes the midi connection seems to drop out completely, sometimes if I hit play on the song it fails to switch to the correct patch. Today I have been setting it up to control looping. I managed to get the looper to automatically begin recording, drop-in an overdub, stop and start again....as I needed it to. I was thrilled. Then, suddenly, it starts behaving oddly. For example, it will rapidly flick between overdub in and out, even though the Midi envelope is set to a single number. Frankly, it is driving me nuts! I'm using a brand new 2017, Macbook pro. I'm using a USB connection to Helix. Any help will save me from madness. Thank you in advance, Simon
  11. I know I'm just being thick but can anyone tell me how to setup a patch which means I can have clean and distorted/overdriven guitar in parallel (i.e. so they play at the same time as if I had two amps in parallel, one clean and one dirty). Thanks Simon
  12. No problem. Most tweaking is done using the basic controls - drive, bass, mid, tre, presence. Sometimes i'll use low cut on cabs. I also try variations of microphones (some have more low-end warmth, others more high-end).
  13. In the last few weeks, I have been moving through my favourite amps, systematically mapping the Line 6 models with examples I can find of originals (not real amps, various recordings I find online). A couple of things I have discovered: 1. the Line 6 models are mostly excellent but I find that the default settings are often not that near to the real things. With some tweaking though, they sound pretty accurate and amazing. 2. I have found the best setup is to use an amp plus two parallel cabs - the sound I get is richer and more dynamic. It also allows me to have more nuanced control over tone by using different mic options for each cab. 3. After paying for several IR's from various companies (Ownhammer, 3Sigma, Redwire) I have concluded that they are no better than Line 6's own versions, and in some cases, much worse. I know that many of you will disagree with this, and I appreciate much of this is down to the type and usage, but my careful experimentation leads me to this conclusion. I intend to share my amp setup patches soon. Obviously, the massive caveat with this is that I have tweaked these amps to sound accurate on my setup which means that anyone who downloads them might not get what they expect, and is likely to have to tweak eq. Simon
  14. Ha! it must have been a dream! Thanks for the replies everyone! S
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