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  1. As a first time poster, really appreciate all the responses. When I first brought the HX Stomp to practice, I made the mistake of plugging straight to the PA and running some of the factory presets. Needless to say, the results weren't great. First impressions matter, and I don't think my bandmate has been able to get over what he heard. It's up to me to convince him otherwise. I've rented a powered pa monitor for home practice, which has helped greatly. Question: is there a big difference, tonally, between a pa speaker and FRFR? Money's an issue, and I'm not sure if I can justify the cost.
  2. After two months of owning an HX Stomp, I've managed to dial in some fantastic tones. I'm extremely pleased with my sound, but the other guitarist in my band isn't. He's absolutely convinced that digital can't hold a candle to a good old fashioned tube amp. Have any of you experienced this kind of resistance from your bandmates? If so, how did you convince them to come around?
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