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  1. Thanks for taking the time to reply, appreciate that, Dan
  2. I am wondering if i should be using any particular settings with the PowerCab I use "Line" when using my Monitor speakers but was curious if i should switch to "instrument" when plugged into the PowerCab , i am using the 1/4 out on the back of Helix (Mono) Are there any other things i should be doing ? I have the Normal PowerCab and not the + Haven't really had a lot of time to play with it yet but have this weekend free and thought i would ask the more knowledgeable people on this forum for Tips Thanks Dan
  3. I have tried FireFox now also and i get the same error on that browser as well. Can someone please help ? I have cleared cache and browsing history on both browsers but get "Internal server error" when clicking on a tone Ok so i connected to my VPN with a UK server and it works, My ISP is BT (uk) and they must be blocking the Custom Tone site Why ?
  4. Going to the website and logging in , as soon as i click on download it says "internal server error" I am using Chrome browser (latest Version)
  5. Of fixing the Internal Server Error i am getting when trying to get tones from the Custom Tone website ? ? 2 days its been like this. Thanks
  6. Just got a patch off Custom Tone, totally love it , for me and what i enjoy noodling with its just perfect,i would like to thank the author but clicking their name just brings up all the other stuff they've created. Is there a way i can find their profile ? Sorry for the noob question but this patch is just brilliant The authors name is "PeterHamm" and that patch was called - M_Tc_Uv_Ht_Wexp1 , i,m playing it with a Strat,yeah i like it haha
  7. So i got my Amp today , i connected the cable from the 1/4 out on the Helix to the FX return but i hear no sound . Sorry for the "noob" questions , but should my Guitar be plugged into Helix or the DT25 ? Dan
  8. Thanks for the reply , that sounds exactly what i want ,will give that way a go for sure .
  9. Ok what is the name of this cable ? is it the same as the one mentioned above ? I have my tones perfect coming out of my Studio monitor speakers, just want to transfer that sound to the DT25. i am fine having just the one patch at a time and leaving the other channels on the Amp to whatever they are now. I have also got DTEdit installed , just need to check my Midi Interface works when the Amp and Cab arrive and thats sorted, just the cables now to send Helix to that Amp and have it reproduce exactly what the Helix produces without any of its inbuilt modelling
  10. Hi, thanks for reading, i am about to take delivery of a DT25 and the matching cab on Wednesday , i have lots of questions but will just ask the most important ones for now I want to connect my Helix Rack to the Amp , and use my Presets , i don't want any of the effects on the Amp to get in the way of what the Helix is doing So how do i connect them and achieve that ? Also is it necessary to use the official Line 6 link cable ? seems to be quite expensive for what it is Anyway ,. thanks for any help i get Dan
  11. I often have the helix on so I can just listen to Spotify or other music through my monitor speakers It's at times like that I'd like an option to just turn the helix display off completely
  12. I must have not explained myself very well , i dont get lag while recording, i am talking about actually pressing the Record button , i do not use the monitoring of the DAW , i monitor through the Helix , it is causing the DAW to lag , usually when i arm a track , its instant , but with the Helix as my interface ,there is a lag Where as before,when i was using the Presonus USB interface there was no lag from when i press the button to arm a track and the track actually being armed.
  13. So it seems to be one specific area that i get the lag, whenever i arm a track in Sonar platinum or Studio one 3 pro i get a slight delay/lag, when i was using my presonus USB audio interface i never got this lag at all One weird thing is that if i use Reaper,i do not get any lag at all, i am using the latest driver for the Helix and it is up to date firmware i am using Why is it doing this ?
  14. So i took delivery of my Helix Rack today and spent all morning playing around with it , had to use a headset plugged into the helix as my monitor speakers do not arrive until tomorrow morning, anyway i open up Studio one 3 pro and make sure Helix is the interface,create a track and press the track monitoring button in Studio one , all i heard was static and noise, a signal is getting into studio one but i was unable to monitor it in my headset (maybe this is because i had the headset plugged into my Helix rack ) no idea I have also gone into windows sound settings and made sure the Helix has 24bit 44000Hz selected,which is what i record with The funny thing is , i opened Sonar Platinum and that worked fine , albeit very laggy which is unusual as when i was using a Presonus Usb interface it never lagged at all I,m pretty sure i need to change some settings maybe on the Rack before i open a DAW or something ? The other quick question is , when i get my Monitor speakers tomorrow , can i have all pc audio coming out of them ,even though they will be connected to the Rack and if i can , then what do i need to do ? Dont really want the full display active while say i am watching Netflix on the bed haha I will keep an eye on this thread so i can reply as fast as possible to any questions Thanks for reading Dan
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