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  1. The same. Ironic, the premier digital modeler only has functioning analog output.
  2. I am also getting dropouts with v2.30.
  3. Hi nigelhardwick, I was the user that reported that a replacement unit resolved the issue. This was true for several days, then the issue presented itself on that unit as well. This bug was first reported 1 year, 8 months, and 2 days ago on March 20, 2016. If you believe this issue will ever be fixed then you, my friend, are the eternal optimist. As it is, our job is to compose and perform music TODAY, not when X manufacturer promises some product will work. You, the Line 6 Helix hardware, even Line 6 itself may not be around at that point. So what can you do? Get what works for you today and make that music before tomorrow comes. nigelhardwick: If mostly working in a DAW, perhaps the Line 6 Helix Native software would be an option for today? As a registered Helix hardware user it seems you could get it for $99.99 and return or resell the Helix hardware? Then if/when this issue is ever fixed (man, don't count on it) get the hardware unit then, or whatever on the market inspires at that future date. Wishing you inspiration and the best in your composing!
  4. Update: Confirming this is a hardware related issue. While Line 6 Support denied a warranty claim stating it was a "firmware bug affecting all Helix owners," this seemed suspicious as it seems there would be far more user reports here. Given Sweetwater sells a lot of Line 6 gear and this hasn't come up, Sweetwater found the answer suspect also, enough so that they agreed to send a replacement to try. Reporting after a week of use, all cables and connections being the same, there have been no S/PDIF dropouts with a replacement Helix. Seems there are one of three possibilities... Line 6 Support didn't understand the issue described, despite linking to this thread There is an undisclosed hardware issue affecting only some Helix units AND Line 6 believes they have a way to address it via firmware -- but this is not what they said, or Line 6 Support simply tried to get out of a valid Helix warranty claim, leaving me and others with a defective Helix (let's hope not!) It's hard to know which is true but leaves me disappointed with Line 6 warranty support just the same -- in my case providing incorrect or incomplete information, and turning the issue into Sweetwater Support's issue, costing them support time and 2x shipping costs to provide a properly working replacement Helix.
  5. In response to a Helix hardware warranty claim I heard back from Will in Line 6 support... On 02/06/2017, Will states, "We have located this bug and will have a fix for this as soon as we can. It probably won't be on the recently announced 2.20 firmware update, but likely the next one." Line 6 denied the warranty claim based on this. The reply seemed suspect given if it were a firmware bug all Helix users would be experiencing S/PDIF dropouts... To clarify, I followed up asking, "So to repeat back — this is a known firmware issue that affects all Line 6 Helix units?" Today, Will replied, "Yes, it is not hardware related, but a bug in the firmware that we will have a fix for soon."
  6. I am coming to the same conclusion, a hardware issue affecting certain Helix units. Described previously, S/PDIF sound cuts out 2-3 seconds once every 20-30 minutes. Firmware is current (2.12) and using different cables and S/PDIF syncing and slaving methods has not fixed the issue. I have submitted a support ticket to Line 6. Audio connection: Helix S/PDIF OUT -> Monoprice S/PDIF RG-6/U 75ohm coaxial RCA cable -> UA Apollo 8 S/PDIF IN for audio Non-audio connection: Helix USB -> iMac macOS Sierra 10.12.3 (for Helix Editor / Line 6 Updater)
  7. Experiencing the same issue with SPDIF dropping out 2-3 seconds once every 20-30 minutes. It has been 8 months since the last post. Anyone find a fix? I am running the most current Helix firmware (2.10), connected to a Universal Apollo 8 interface.
  8. You joke, but I have been! Makes it hard to see the guitar. :)
  9. A way to control display brightness, please! I often play at night and find the Helix displays too bright. Thinking about creating some gel overlays for the displays (or modding the circuit board) but shouldn't have to do this. Thank you!
  10. mcnitt

    Line 6 UPDATER

    UI confusion. I was selecting Product: Helix > Software: Helix > OS: Mac OS X incorrectly assuming "all Helix software for OS X" would be displayed. Not so. As you say, selecting Product: All Products > Software: Line 6 Updater > [OS] gets you there. Thank you!
  11. mcnitt

    Line 6 UPDATER

    Where is the Line 6 Updater? Not finding it here, at least on OS X Safari and Chrome... http://line6.com/software/index.html
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