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  1. @lou-kash you have been beyond helpful - thank you so much! This now makes a lot more sense to me!!
  2. Thanks a lot @lou-kash, I'm so sorry if these are really basic questions, I'm getting old and this is all pretty new to me, so it's a bit of a learning curve lol! So... if I put the Send on the A path - like this and then set the Send and the Dry Thru levels to 0db, would that mean that I wouldn't necessarily need to use a B path at all? If that's the case, how do I make sure that the IR only goes to the FOH? I'm only using mono effects. Is there a benefit to putting the effects on a B path in my situation? (Delay and reverb will be on all the time). I don't need to do anything too crazy haha, I just need FOH and the stage cab to have effects - but IR only on FOH :-)
  3. I'm using an HX Stomp and have just ordered a Seymour Duncan Powerstage 170 to use with my 2x12 cab. I'd like to send a signal to FOH as well, but I'm not sure if this can be done - is anyone able to advise please? I was thinking of using the Send to take the signal to the Powerstage 170 and my cab, and then using the L/Mono to go direct to front of house. BUT... When I look at it in HX Edit, it seems like if I do this, I'll only be able to have the delay/reverb on one side (either FOH or the cab - but not both). Have I got this totally wrong, or is this just a compromise I'll have to live with?
  4. So I was just wondering... If I had a Powercab 212, would I be able to connect both my HX Stomp directly to it, AND my amp head and use them both independently, as well as combined?? I was thinking I'd like to use the amp head for clean sounds, and the HX Stomp for dirty. If that's possible, then is it also possible to have both connected to the powercab 212 and also have them interact with each other (only on on certain presets/snapshots) - i.e Preset 1/ Snapshot 1: Could I use my amp head clean sound, but add chorus from the HX Stomp? Preset 1 / Snapshot 2: Could I bypass my amp head and enable a modelled preamp and OD pedal from the HX Stomp?
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