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  1. line-6-user

    Helix Native Freezes Studio One DAW

    Hello Davidvignola. First of all, welcome to the forum! Computers... you would expect the exact process every time you switch it on, but they do have a mind of their own. You say that the previous day it worked fine, so what changed during the time you used it? My first thought is that It seems to be related to Drivers Compatability or that the same driver is being used by another precess. Try updating all of your drivers, including graphic card drivers That might solve your problem. Just yesterday i had a problem with using Reaper and iTunes at the same time, Reaper worked just fine but there was no sound from iTunes, the Play button changed to the Pause button, as it should but the player froze the timer and no sound played, that was odd because it has always worked in the past, so what did change? Well, I disregarded an earlier iTunes update notification. Assuming that might had been the reason, I allowed the update to complete and restarted the PC, from then on everything worked just fine. I doubt if the paid version of Helix Native by itself will solve your problem.
  2. line-6-user

    thanks Glenn Delaune for stealing my idea for my organ patch

    That is a great sound! Well done Glen.
  3. line-6-user

    thanks Glenn Delaune for stealing my idea for my organ patch

    It would be nice, as I can't see the Helix floor screen under the desk, when editing on the laptop... unless shuffling the chair back and forth that is. I keep calling for MIDI information to be displayed in the editor. It is a pain, literally, to go under the desk in order to get MIDI detail. I use these to create setlist in BandHelper... so I can have Helix change the corresponding preset for the next song performance.
  4. line-6-user

    thanks Glenn Delaune for stealing my idea for my organ patch

    I think that Marketplace is a good idea in that we can click the link to access new presets and IRs but I rather see that link goin to the customtone section and letting other creators get paid for downloads too.
  5. line-6-user

    thanks Glenn Delaune for stealing my idea for my organ patch

    And that's the reason I won't upload anymore. I uploaded some HD500 patches in the past, several thousands of downloads later, I only had 1 person thanking me for it while some clever people compile a CD full of other people's hard work and sell them on eBay. Still receiving messages on YouTube about sharing a Gary Moore preset I did years ago... they can wait a bit longer.
  6. line-6-user

    Helix products: v2.70 now released

    I doubt if I would use the Marketplace feature... I would rather see MIDI INFORMATION displayed on the main screen. Handy when you build set lists and need to assign MIDI program changes for each preset/song. Still, I hope the tuner will do e better job than the previous one.
  7. line-6-user

    Using Helix through IEM's

    I use the Alto TS212, great sound! The IEM sound can be tricky but I find that you have to try many different buds as the right fitting will produce the best sound and tone. In my case, I get best results when using foam type buds.
  8. line-6-user

    Helix Native Stand-Alone ?

    I heard somewhere that there is a pc program that it allows some plugins to be started standalone, without a daw... can't remember if it came from a Behringer download.
  9. line-6-user

    Possible bug with HX Effects?

    Try the same procedure with different shoes. Just a thought.
  10. line-6-user

    Program change in Daw

    I too was looking for an answer... specifically changing presets during a song session, not saving a preset in reaper. Say staring a song on preset 01D and after 8 bars changing to User bank 2, preset 05C. How to in Reaper?
  11. TS212 all the way! it is FRFR, so it will reproduce all the sound you feed it in. Try reposition the speakers, use Global EQ and save yourself some money.
  12. line-6-user

    Will Helix Native work with 32 bit Reaper?

    Search for JBridge. I think that may work.
  13. line-6-user


    It's annoying and can't read text easily. There is no need to have it displayed within the reading section. Please remove it and add it at the top, with the rest of the links.
  14. What kind of effect? Is there a video for this?
  15. This happened to me when I upgraded to 2.52. It worried me for a moment. Maybe is to do with a "Wait" routine set too short? Anyway it works now. I notice that on the update thread, no longer show any reference to firmware 2.52. It feels strange not to see that when many still will have 2.52 displayed on their device. I am not goin to tempt fate by updating again soon.