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  1. It would be nice to have a GLOBAL IR loader in Helix Floor affecting only the headphone output. I have managed to calibrate my headphones using a VST plugin and now have an IR which I can load in my DAW when playing with it. It would be nice to be loading the same IR as a global block in the Helix so to creating new presets while using headphones. This avoids loading the IR each time I create a preset, and then removing it when NOT using headphones. What is your opinion on this?
  2. Thank you for the contact info, I have sent him a text and hope he can help me. I am grateful about the phone number, as i do not use Facebook or similar services. In the event that Mark Wright cannot help, does anyone know what are these screw made of? are they steel but chrome plated, zinc, brass plated, stainless steel, etc...? Unfortunately the guy that setup the guitar long time ago, made an atrocious job at it and chewed up the screws head in the process.
  3. Can someone help me finding original screws for the JTV69 in the UK? I purchased some for a Strat specs thinking these may be the same as the JTV, but these are too different... They are too thick, too long and the heads are too wide to fit in the original 4 metal inserts. Thanks in advance.
  4. Silly question... Can you try some different strings? Maybe the ones that you have used could be of a bad batch? Just a thought.
  5. I had the same problem with the 3.01 update, with HX Edit stopping working on "initialising...." This seems to be a buggy code to me, as nothing has changed on my end. I never had to restart the process before, but this time worked on the 3rd attempt. for a moment I did get quite concerned about it all. So far it looks like that everything it's stable.
  6. I would like to see a search and favourite facility similar to the one found in the Native Instruments's Guitar Rig, for Helix Edit and Helix Native. It makes sense! Also, good visual metering for compressors and gain stage, with the options for choosing different types of dB standards (VU, -18db, -13db, Crest, etc...).
  7. Hi and welcome to the forum. It sounds like that you are hearing your dry signal input from the Focursrite interface... There should be a knob on the interface that mixes your guitar dry input and the PC output. All you should need to do is, turn that knob all the way towards the PC direction and that should fix your problem. Hope this helps.
  8. Hi. This is how I have done it in Reaper (DAW). I use a Tablet with an app called BandHelper to use as a controller. The tablet is connected to my UMC204HD audio and midi interface, using a cheap USB to MIDI cable. The UMC204HD is then connected to my laptop through its separate USB cable. Open Reaper (DAW) and make sure that you have configured your MIDI and AUDIO in the Preference settings. In the midi section, make sure that both the MIDI interface (in my case the UMC204HD) and the Computer's MIDI interface are both showing Enabled+Control. In Reaper, create an Audio track. In the audio track, insert Helix Native. Now plug your guitar in and select different Presets, Snapshots... Play the guitar. You should be getting sound out of it. If not, check that the track is RECORD ARMED and MONITORING ON. Now insert a new track and put it above the Audio track. In the Input field, choose MIDI and select your MIDI device (in my case the UMC204HD), select All Channels. On the same track click the I/O button. Click on the Midi Hardware Output and select your COMPUTER Midi device. On this MIDI track check that the track is RECORD ARMED and MONITORING ON. Send the Midi track to the Audio track by click-drag the midi track's I/O button onto the Audio track. You don't need to create a Midi Item for the track if you want to use it in live situations, so no programming. Save your project!!! Now use your programmed MIDI Controller with the Helix Native. You should see the Green circle, lighting up at the bottom right of the Helix Native Plug-in, every time a Midi message is received. It works for me just fine for controlling Snapshots, but not for Program Changes! I believe this is not yet implemented. ...unless someone has a solution for it? Let us know how the outcome.
  9. Sorry for the late reply, but for some reason I never got notifications for this thread. Thank you for your help, I got it working OK now, it turns out that the problem was with the BandHelper App and the developer did sort it out promptly.
  10. Helix floor not receiving or send Midi CC commands. I would like to send MIDI commands to the Helix Floor so to change Snapshots within a preset using commands like CC: 69 005 I have tried using an app called BandHelper and tried recording the midi changes in Reaper (DAW) but the only data sent or received in both applications are the Program Change, ie: 032 02 019, which is OK to change presets. If I try the CC: 69 05 nothing happens... the only way to change Snapshots via MIDI, is to input RAW Midi Data, ie: B0 45 02. I have the latest FW 2.82 installed. Midi channel: 1 MIDI PC Send and Receive set at: MIDI + USB Please Help! I have tried different ports and channels settings, including Omni. but CC: commands do not work. Using Helix itself works fine, when pressing Snapshots switches it work OK. Thanks in advance.
  11. I mainly use it at home with Reaper but I have also used with 2 instances of Native as inserts for guitar and bass players DI in and live recording of 16 inputs from an XR18. Reaper has been solid DAW so far! A few weeks back, Native saved the evening at practice, when I forgot to load the Helix Floor in the car. :D
  12. Thanks for that, I'll be trying it as soon as I get the cleaner.
  13. In my case, I have the tone pot on my 69 a bit scratchy, moving it a few times it clears it and operates without any noise. Can it be cleaned by the user or does it need to be replaced?
  14. ****ALL WORKING NOW**** Hi. Trying to update Helix Native but on login in i get the Cannot reach servers. Make sure this computer is connected to the internet. Well... guess what? I AM CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET!!! Amin, Please delete. Thanks
  15. I had the same problem with helix floor and the Berhinger XR18 not showing in Reaper after updating to 2.80 re-installed their drivers solved the problem... at least it still appears so. Try uninstalling the the drivers before restarting your computer, then re-install.
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