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  1. line-6-user

    Possible bug with HX Effects?

    Try the same procedure with different shoes. Just a thought.
  2. line-6-user

    Program change in Daw

    I too was looking for an answer... specifically changing presets during a song session, not saving a preset in reaper. Say staring a song on preset 01D and after 8 bars changing to User bank 2, preset 05C. How to in Reaper?
  3. TS212 all the way! it is FRFR, so it will reproduce all the sound you feed it in. Try reposition the speakers, use Global EQ and save yourself some money.
  4. line-6-user

    Will Helix Native work with 32 bit Reaper?

    Search for JBridge. I think that may work.
  5. line-6-user


    It's annoying and can't read text easily. There is no need to have it displayed within the reading section. Please remove it and add it at the top, with the rest of the links.
  6. What kind of effect? Is there a video for this?
  7. This happened to me when I upgraded to 2.52. It worried me for a moment. Maybe is to do with a "Wait" routine set too short? Anyway it works now. I notice that on the update thread, no longer show any reference to firmware 2.52. It feels strange not to see that when many still will have 2.52 displayed on their device. I am not goin to tempt fate by updating again soon.
  8. I feel a bit unsettled now... I updated to 2.52 earlier but not without concerns. Starting with the Edit... the download faulted as when I started the installation, there was a warning displayed on the laptop saying that one of the PDF help file couldn't open. Sorted that easily, just downloaded the application again this time installed properly. Then after making a full backup of the patches and IRs I updated the firmware. After a while the completion was displayed on the laptop screen, saying that the HELIX floor would restart and re index the presets, but on starting up it froze to the initial screen. I made sure to wait long enough for things to get going but after a good 5 minutes of mo activity I switched the HELIX floor off and restarted it after 30 or so seconds. From there it completed the upgrade. It seem to work OK on what I was working on, which I was dealing only with a template's preset. Fingers crossed. I want to take this opportunity to still thank Line 6 for the previous 2.50 release. I love the new amps!
  9. line-6-user


    From the photo I read Helix RACK. I can't remember if the floor version firmware is different from the rack version but I think that might be the problem. Open a ticket for help on solve the problem.
  10. Does it include the transmitter?
  11. line-6-user

    How can I listen to an MP3 player to the Helix LT

    Thanks for the link but that item does not ship to the UK.
  12. line-6-user

    How can I listen to an MP3 player to the Helix LT

    Can you please post a link for the camera connection kit, as the one I purchased from eBay will only connect once and for only a few seconds, after which if stops working and flashing a message that says it's not compatible. Thanks.
  13. line-6-user

    La mia Helix è pericolosa!! My Helix is Dangerous

    Allora spegnilo e fattilo controllare! Non rischiare cose brutte! Apri un ticket con Line 6.
  14. line-6-user

    Helix PC Editor - Search by Patch Name?

    The Helix editor does not have a search facility, something that I have requested in the past. I find this hard to understand, with the amount of presets possible.
  15. line-6-user

    Helix Mic Input Replacement

    I still believe that Line6 should implement a phantom power notice on the display, flashing red when is on, it can't be difficult to add in the next firmware update. Someone told me that there was a problem with early production but I'm dubious about it being that I purchased mine last May. What is Line6 word on plugging in a dynamic microphone while the Helix is on? Just to clarify... my helix was OFF when I connected my Dynamic microphone. I have seen many occurrences were sound check has been done and another singer want to plug in their Dynamic microphone in the mixer while is on. Never seen those mixers' s mike input fail. With the Helix, I'm am worrying every time I go to switch it on, in case something fails on it, you could say that I am scarred from that time the mike input failed and when I switched it on after the repair, the screen was white. I assumed that the repair centre tech person didn't fully attach the data connector on. Anyway, the shop decided that was not acceptable and ordered a new Helix. Hope I won't have to return it back for repairs.