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  1. Make sure you download HX Edit 3.50 and after has been installed, reboot your computer, as the software includes the audio driver. After this the Helix should be detected.
  2. I put a suggestion in the ideascale section (or whatever is called) a long time ago about the need for a search bar in the Editor, that and to display all the MIDI information for CC, BANK, and Program change that is displayed on the helix but not in the editor, as I have mobility problem and I can't easily bend down to push the button in order to display the info. This information is needed every time I create a new preset, which then I need for adding it to an external software that triggers the MIDI command and jumps to the correct set list, preset and snapshot. Come on LINE 6... Please?
  3. Yes, playing a few new Factory presets it indeed sound nicer to my ears, I though so before reading this thread. Nice Job Line 6! Thank you for the early Christmas present!
  4. I seems that the problem lies with the Factory Reset routine and it certainly is not a hardware fault otherwise the problem would still be there.
  5. I might have found out a possible way to replicate the problem, which happens also with the 3.50 firmware. Previously, with the 3.15 Firmware, I went to reinstall it and I then did the Factory Reset by holding the 2 middle buttons in the lower row. I then loaded my backup that I made earlier and the problem was still there. I then decided to redo the same 3.15 update, BUT this time I DID NOT PERFORMED THE FACTORY RESET. This process seems to resolve the problem. Then I carried out the 3.50 Firmware upgrade and the same thing happened. These are the steps I went through: Carried out a Backup and exported the individual User Setlists Installed the 3.50 firmware. Factory reset (so that it display the new Factory 1 and 2 setlists). Exported The new Factory 1,2 setlists individually. Imported my previously exported User setlists. Carried out the 3.50 Firmware update (using the Line 6 Updater), WITHOUT DOING A FACTORY RESET. Tested the L/Mono Summing with playing the song "Play that funky music" and the summing worked. The only 2 changes carried out after that was: Set the Tuner to Strobe Set footswitches to 8 Snapshots. So far it has been working just fine. Let's hope it will stay that way. Hopefully this helps someone else.
  6. I have had the same response from the the tech support as you got... that it's a hardware fault, but it's obviously not, as after reinstalling the 3.15 firmware twice but not doing a factory reset on the last update, solved the problem, ...at least for now. I will hold my breath.
  7. I have just submitted the ticket. I hope they sort out the problem. It's a pain having to plug, unplug every time I use 1 monitor!
  8. I can confirm that your method of plugging in the Right before plugging in to the Left/Mono works. I don't understand why Line 6 does not acknowledge this. It can't be difficult to add some coding to the firmware to solve this. Maybe they are not going to support the Helix any longer? I am grateful to you for the workaround, as I had some problems with a few presets using delays... I couldn't figure it out why the sound from the single powered speaker was lacking, compared to the my home stereo monitors. No wonder!
  9. This is a BUG! Last night my Helix did the same thing. During rehearsal, I use my laptop, connected to the Helix through USB and use Virtual DJ to play music for reference. The XLR L/MONO from the Helix is sent to ONE powered speaker. On playing "Play That Funky Music" through VirtualDJ, we couldn't hear the guitar, which is normally on the Right of the stereo speakers. I couldn't figure it out why this happened... that was embarrassing. Reading this thread it all made sense. I hope Line 6 will sort this out in the new firmware update, hopefully soon. Can someone do a test with playing the above song through your Helix to confirm this happens when music is played out through USB? This will highlight the fact the bug is nothing to do with the way Presets are created. Laptop USB -> Helix USB Helix XLR L/Mono Out -> 1 Powered Speaker. In my case does not sum to mono, only get Left channel. Thanks.
  10. What's the right cleaner that doesn't damage the electronics. YouTube has some videos on cleaning some encoders but that entails on fiscally opening the encoder, I don't even know if the one on the JTV69 can even be opened. I rather not do that if avoidable.
  11. I did as suggested by Silverhead and it solved the volume issue but the crackling on the Tone Pot is still there. Rotating it vigorously the cracking at first goes away but after a few minutes it comes back.
  12. I had enough with NI... On two separate occasions I needed help to migrate their plugins and I was told it wasn't possible... But I managed to get it working by myself. Useless tech support! Their answer was that I needed to buy a new version of their software. In the end, I got an apology from them for giving me the wrong info... after I sorted the problem.
  13. Thanks for letting me know it's not a bug. What's the best product to use in the encoders? How to best apply it? The tone encoder is "Scratchy" but goes back to zero. The volume encoder sound doesn't sound "Scratchy" but it won't go back to zero. You would think it would be the other way around.
  14. First of all, a big Thank You to Line 6 for giving us another free firmware with more goodies for us to play with, yet again! I am having some problem with the JTV69 (VDI cable) which was not there in the previous firmware. The volume pot does not completely cut off when rolled off to zero position, hence sound passes to the Helix. On selecting the Variax tab, in the input section, and then manually forcing the "Volume Knob (Global)" to any number, and then rotating the JTV69 Volume Pot on full and then on OFF, Helix Edit shows a 0.2 instead of 0. This value is enough to bleed sound through and I can see the Helix input light up green. Has anyone had the same issue? Is there a way to recalibrate the Volume on the JTV69? Is this a Bug on the 3.15 firmware? Thanks.
  15. As you suggested, try a different version of reaper. Try running it in administrator mode. Check windows update to see if it has downloaded a different hardware driver. See if there are new drivers for you machine in Device Manager.
  16. That did not work for my laptop running at 2560 x 1600. Native needs the same scaling button as found on other plugins manufactures, like Waves and Plugin Alliance. PLEASE, Line 6!!!!!
  17. A bit late now. I took precautions before installing the upgrade, by closing all applications, removed the wireless mouse, and I had only the one USB needed for the firmware connected to the system. Windows runs great and all drivers are updated to the latest versions. Maybe the next time, if I remember, I film the process, and of course it will go smoothly. :D)
  18. Sorry bu you are wrong. I did have HX Edit 3.01 installed. The process did notify me of a new firmware for Helix and it failed to upgrade, until I first, manually installed HX Edit 3.10. Then it went all smoothly.
  19. I had a problem updating Helix. Line 6 needs to add a line of code that allow the automatic process to READ what version of HX edit the user currently has. Then automatically download and install it prior to then install the firmware. I went through the initial process and the screen showed the message that the firmware was getting installed and to wait... Nothing happened and no other message appeared for a long time. That's when I had to force the program to close. I then realize that this happened because of HX Edit needing updating first.
  20. If line 6 has indeed stopped making/selling them, can't they release the schematics, so that they can be built by private technicians? I wonder what's like inside the box and what components are used. Or is there issues with the product? Not longer compatible with some equipment within line 6 or/and external companies?
  21. The message is asking you to contact Steinberg Technical support. I assume that this error points the problem to Cubase. I have no knowledge on Cubase as I use Reaper. Try loading the backup file that reaper created just before the problem occurred. If it works, then Save As a different projects name in the same folder as the existing project. Now close reaper and restart Reaper again. If that works, then just delete the old, problematic project file. Do not delete any other files. The other thing I would try: Delete the VST VST3 for Helix Native. It's a .DLL file. Then re install Helix Native and see if that works. Check to see that all your audio and video drivers are updated and that Windows has not installed other ones that conflicts with your audio interface. Hope this helps.
  22. It would be nice to have a GLOBAL IR loader in Helix Floor affecting only the headphone output. I have managed to calibrate my headphones using a VST plugin and now have an IR which I can load in my DAW when playing with it. It would be nice to be loading the same IR as a global block in the Helix so to creating new presets while using headphones. This avoids loading the IR each time I create a preset, and then removing it when NOT using headphones. What is your opinion on this?
  23. Thank you for the contact info, I have sent him a text and hope he can help me. I am grateful about the phone number, as i do not use Facebook or similar services. In the event that Mark Wright cannot help, does anyone know what are these screw made of? are they steel but chrome plated, zinc, brass plated, stainless steel, etc...? Unfortunately the guy that setup the guitar long time ago, made an atrocious job at it and chewed up the screws head in the process.
  24. Can someone help me finding original screws for the JTV69 in the UK? I purchased some for a Strat specs thinking these may be the same as the JTV, but these are too different... They are too thick, too long and the heads are too wide to fit in the original 4 metal inserts. Thanks in advance.
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