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  1. THank Thanks for your quick reply. I just pulled up a before and after of the wav file IRs I had, and it turned out to be just a resampling and truncation of irrelevant data (after two seconds, he impulses are flat). When I pulled these up in Adobe Audition, the wave forms seemed to be similar. It was three hir file IRs that became corrupted however, and I'm guessing that something in the resampling and truncation of those files went bad. I'm not so concerned now that the remaining hir files are smaller, as the integrity with the wav files seem to have been preserved through the HX Edit import and export. Thanks again for your help. R.
  2. Thank you so much @silverhead! That suggestion was so VERY helpful to me and let me find out what the corrupt IRs were very quickly. I wonder if you might be able to share some additional insight on IRs for me. Through this exercise of backup and restoring and then comparing my original IRs as purchased, and what was being backup, I discovered that my IRs have ALL been truncated or down-sampled, or corrupted in some way.. Many of my purchased IRs started out much larger.. some are 200 to 350 KB in size. But when I checked the size of these files in the backup files, they had all been reduced to much smaller file sizes, like 9 KB or 12KB. I then did a test and I dragged an IR having a size of about 350 KB into the IR section on HX Edit. I then immediately exported this IR back from HX Edit to a Windows folder, and the size had been reduced to 9 KB!!! Would you have any further insights as to what is happening to my IRs? R.
  3. I followed the procedures to update my HX Edit and Helix Floor to version 3.15. This included backing up my Helix Floor prior to the update. Following a successful Helix Floor Firmware update, I followed the “highly recommended” steps of first doing a factory reset of the Helix Floor, and second, restoring the Helix Floor backup I had made prior to the firmware update. I got through the entire restore process steps 100% without any indication of error. But then the update procedure concluded with the following message on my computer screen (Windows 10): “HX edit was unable to restore one or more of the IRs because the sample data they contain was determined to be invalid” Does any one know: - if there are diagnostics available on the Helix Floor, or on HX Edit to identity which IRs were not successfully transferred back to my HX Floor? - what is the quickest procedure for me to make sure all the IRs are successfully copied back to my HX Floor. FYI Some of my IRs were purchased from the Helix store and are copy protected, but are licensed for my Helix Floor. (Don’t know if this makes any difference). Thanks for your help! Richard.
  4. I welcomed with anticipation the new method of Helix linking its IRs to Presets with what appears to be the IR name (vs the index number in the list of IRs). My understanding of how this is supposed to work, is that once you have specified which IR a preset is based on, the preset is supposed to be smart enough to "find" that preset based on name -- in the list of IRs. I think this is supposed to provide the user the flexibility to rearrange the IRs without worrying about having to re-link the presets to new IR index numbers. I did some testing, and for the most part it, this feature SEEMED to work on my laptop. If you moved an IR, re-clicking on the preset would re-link to the IR in its new location.. I also found that if you deleted an IR, re-clicking the preset would produce an error message. I found however that on a number of occasions that if an IR was deleted, an error message was NOT presented when you re-selected the preset. What happened in this case was that the preset definition had been updated automatically to point to IR number 127 which was empty. In both cases, the name of the preset was lost. (It would have been more useful if this name had been displayed in the error message saying it could not find this IR). In addition, after spending THREE HOURS fixing my presets so they pointed to the proper IRs (they had gotten mixed up in the upgrade)... I created a bundle of my patches as well as some setlists, and then happily went to my second computer, fully expecting that I could just copy in my IRs to Helix Native, and then import my bundle or the setlists -- and then the preset references to the IRs would all sort themselves out... Nope. This did not work. Only about a half of the references to IRs were resolved, even though all my IRs were all copied into Helix Native first. Could anyone please confirm: - has anyone else experienced this bug? - am I doing something wrong: do the IR references not get copied into the bundles and setlists? Do I need to manually export and import each single preset in order to preserve the IR reference? (I certainly hope not! That would be way to much work). If someone from Line6 is reading this, could you please reply and comment on how this new feature (to co-ordinate presets and the IRs they reference) is SUPPOSED to work? Thanks for your help. Richard.
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