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  1. The Axe-Fx II and III can have multiple cab/IR blocks and routing and they each have channels for each block and when you disable cabs in the global setting it disables them all. I help a lot of people setup their rigs, especially MIDI Foot Controllers like the FAMC Liquid Foot+ and RJM Mastermind but have been trying to get more people to use the Helix Floor because it's so easy to setup and teach how to use. I think Line 6 should either include a bank of Factory presets with Cab/IR blocks enabled and a bank w/o or provide a download of Factory presets w/o for people that use real speaker cabs. I know most people don't use Factory presets but they're good for demoing a product.
  2. I agree. I appreciate their suggestions but when trying to convince someone to buy a product, it doesn't look good having to keep editing each preset. It makes it seem too complicated even though the Helix is a lot more user friendly than Fractal Audio Systems products but with FAS products you just go into the Global menu and disable the Cab Block for all presets. I'm really surprised that the Helix Cab/IR blocks can't be globally disabled bc that's kind of a necessity, especially if you're playing shows where you don't know what you'll be plugging into. I've played at shows and open jams where the sound guy refused to let me plugin direct bc they had never heard of IR's, so I had to plugin into a guitar amp but I was using an Axe-Fx II and could quickly disable cabs globally. One time just to prove a point, I disconnected the XLR cable from the mic on the guitar cab and plugged it into my Axe-Fx II. The sound guy was in disbelief I was plugged in direct bc of how good IR's can sound.
  3. I was hoping I wouldn't have to edit every preset bc that's way too time consuming and I wanted to demo the Helix to a prospective buyer who uses real speaker cabs and not FRFR. Looks like they'll be going with an Axe-Fx III because they need to be able to quickly change between speakers and FRFR. No wonder I've heard a lot of complaints that the Helix sounds muffled. It's because places like Guitar Center are having people play them through real speaker cabs with the presets that all have either the cab block or IR block enabled. I only use FRFR, so the Helix Floor and Helix Native are perfect for me and bc they work seamlessly together and are simple to use, my Axe-Fx II XL+ has just been collecting dust.
  4. Is there a way to globally disable all Cab Blocks and Impulse Response Blocks to use a Helix Floor with real speaker cab? Sorry if I missed it but I've read the manual and searched the forum.
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