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  1. Because I do most of my editing in my bedroom while recording. My bedroom is small, so I keep my helix flipped up standing on its front edge, laying against a dresser so it's not getting ran over by my computer chair. I've always been used to editing my fcb1010, and it was a feature it had. Was really handy. I guess if you don't need it, it doesn't make sense, but to me, it makes perfect sense. Thanks.
  2. Is there a way to show pedalboard mode in helix edit? I would like to be able to toggle between edit mode and an overview of the pedalboard the way it would be laid out. Is it there and i, just not seeing it?
  3. I agree and understand all that. But thru my daw and studio monitors, my direct in from helix isn't sounding good. I feel if i micd the powercab, i could capture the sound I'm looking for. Nut thats not always possible with 4 fighting kids and a yelling wife in the house. Whats the best route to take to get the sound I'm looking for? The headphones are Sennheiser hd 280 pro. Aren't they good enough to give flat response?
  4. I used to like the sound of my helix thru headphones. Since i got the Powercab, it sounds so good, I'm left chasing that sound in quiet time. And i feel my headphones are decent cause they sound like i hear it thru my bx5a monitors. I can't get a crisp sound. It seems muddy no matter how i adjust. Any Ideas?
  5. Mine went out after about 14 months. But I only gigged out maybe 3 or 4 times, a few practices, and about 100 hours of bedroom time. Thats not enough to break a very expensive piece of equipment. It was cutting out and sounding thin. I kept changing cables and thinking I was cheap for my choice in cable. It would act up and I would kick it or wiggle the input cable, and boom, it would work for a while....but then came the time to shine. Big guitar solo with wah wah. As soon as I would step on it, bam, no sound. With that being said, I bought it from Sweetwater, and had them do the warranty work. I love Sweetwater, enjoy getting candy with every purchase, and still amazed that I've had the same rep in contact with me for more than 5 years now. They were a few weeks, said the part wasn't a standard part. I feel I would've had a quicker turn around with Line 6, new that I know. But I won't knock Line 6 either. Bought a backpack, I broke, no questions asked I got a new one. I love Line 6 and and sweet water, and will continue dealing with then. As for the Helix, even with the mishaps, its still the best solution for sound that I've ever found. Hope the best for you bro
  6. I think I got it figured out. Had to go into controller assign and turn off footswitch for the send/return
  7. Im having some slight issues that I can't seem to figure out. I started a new preset to work with 4CM. Ive tried setting the send/return up different ways, but the problem I am having is when I activate the wah, it turns my fx send/return block off. If I activate fx block while wah is active, then when I de-activate the wah, it turns the fx block off. Is there any way to leave the fx block on at all times? why is the wah linked to it? How do I change it? I also tried using the 4CM template, and the HELIX PreAmp would disable my fx block when I activated the pre-amp..any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! (Here are a few pics of the different ways I have tried. Everything works until the wah is activated)
  8. My Helix is having an issue. Sometimes when I am playing through headphones, the sound gets thin and low, and kinda sounds like mono. If I rock the expression pedal forward kinda hard or tap the top middle section of the Helix kinda hard, the sound comes back. I played it off as maybe something to do with my headphones or maybe even the headphone port, but the other night at practice I was playing mono out to FOH, and headphone out to my Alto ts210. At certain times the same thing would happen from both ports, and I would have to kinda kick the Helix to get it back. I haven't really ruled out bad cables at this time, but since it has happened multiple times with the headphones coupled with different guitar cables, I'm starting to think I have a problem with the Helix. Anyone else having this issue?
  9. Im happy to say, that after finding my PayPal receipt for my Helix backpack, Line 6 has requested that I send my old one in and when they get it, they will be sending me a brand new one. This is AMAZING customer support. They did not have to do this at all, yet they did. Thank you Line 6 for your great products and crazy good support. On a different note, I finally had a chance to use the Helix last weekend in a live situation without using my Marshall JVM and 412 cab. I went stereo into FOH, and FRFR for myself. It was different to say the least, but at the end of the night, I had basically played thru 4 different amps and cabs, and had a great selection of distortions and fx at my feet. And my back thanked me for the next 5 days, because of the ease of setting up, and the weight difference that I am used to. Its gonna take some tweaking, but Helix FRFR is here to stay!
  10. What are you using the FCB1010 for? Ive had one for years, wanting to put use to it, but as nice as it could've been, it is insanely hard to program...even with 3rd party software.
  11. I got it off eBay, so that is the problem. The guy wasn't an authorized dealer
  12. Yeah, Im thinking it was a cash exchange, so I'm SOL!.....unless someone is willing to sell their receipt for a very small fee (wink, wink) :D
  13. It does have the carry handle, but it is very easy to carry on my back. Like I said, its not a deal breaker, but more of a pain as far as, I can carry everything in one trip versus two trips. I carry helix on my back, guitar in one hand and powered monitor in the other hand, with leverage to carry a box of beer if need be. Line 6 actually just wrote back and said if I could come up with my original receipt, they could replace it. I don't have it, but that is VERY good business on their part, and for that, I will remain loyal to them as well. Thank you Line 6!
  14. I got my response back from Line 6, and the warranty on the bag is 90 days from date of purchase. Ive had my backpack for over a year, but only used it maybe 8 times. Its not a deal breaker for me, and I understand their stance on it too. I know the bag is absolutely bullet proof built, but looking at the stitching, I feel they may have had a bad batch of thread or something. I will smile and move on :) . My only option at this point is to cut the bag at the bottom where the thick binding is, and loop around that and stitch the straps to their selves. Thanks for the help guys!
  15. Thanks guys! I just opened a ticket. We'll see what happens.
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