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Found 7 results

  1. Hey gang, I’m new to the forum and am looking for some help. I did do a search and was unable to find this so, while I’m sure it’s been addressed, I just can’t find the link. Sorry in advance. I know there’s a bunch of you who use the Midi Baby 3 as additional switches with their HX Stomp. I have the MIDI Baby 3 currently. All I’m wanting to do right now is 2 things: 1) have the left and right buttons on the MIDI Baby 3 serve as footswitch 4 and 5 respectively on the HX Stomp and; 2) have the middle button serve as the tap tempo/tuner button. Would anyone be able to post a screenshot of what that programming would look like on the MIDI Baby 3? I just don’t quite understand how MIDI programming works and want to be able to copy and paste the settings. If there are specific things I would also need to set on the HX Stomp as well, that info would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks in advance everyone!!!!
  2. Trying to follow this tip, from this page, but the 'Hotkey' option is not available in HX Edit. From the command pull-down menu select "Hotkey." 'Hotkey' does not appear in my dropdown - see attached screenshot. What am I missing? TIP: It's much faster and easier to program keystrokes from HX Edit 2.80. Open the Command Center window, select a footswitch or Instant command, and from the Command pull-down menu, select "Hotkey." Click the small keypad icon and simply enter the keystroke from your computer keyboard. Don't forget to customize the switch label! Solved - i updated HX Edit and the option is now present. screenshot---HotKey-option-missing-
  3. I recently bought an HX Stomp. I had hoped to be able to connect the effects loops to two, independent chains in order to use the HX stomp to control routing to one or more outboard distortion pedals (KoT, heavily modded BD2). Here’s what I tried: HX stomp - stereo send jack- 1/4” TRS- dual 1/4” TS - each of these connected to inputs of my overdrive pedals. Output from pedal A-HX stomp return L, output from pedal B-HX stomp return R. I was able to get the signal routing, but - it’s still stereo, and thus, only affecting one side of the path. I had hoped that I would be able to treat everything “before the amp emulation” as mono, and then it becomes stereo after the amp/cab blocks. Worst case scenario, I was hoping for a utility type block that would sum the FX Loop L (or FX loop R) into a mono / dual mono signal, if placed immediately after an FX loop. I assume my problems are exacerbated since I am using HX stomp in stereo, rather than just having a single mono cable out. So, what’s the trick to this - is there an easy solution, or should I just stick the dirt in front of the HX? It would be nice to leave the dirt on all the time and control switching at the HX (in conjunction with any additional midi controllers or foot switches I may add in the future).
  4. Okay, my GF just got me the HD500 for Christmas and I have yet to find a video or friend to help me program this thing the way I want it. I've been a Digitech guy for years...I love the easy, intuitive way you program them. Anyway, the way I've always used my RP1000 is programming each button to have its own set of preset effects. So to better explain, I don't use the distortion from my amp head so I have a clean, dry signal running to whatever FX processor I am using. So button 1 is my main rhythm distortion, 2 is a clean with chorus n delay, 3 is a hi mid, short delay lead, 4 is a phase shifter distortion, 5 is an ambient distorted lead, 6 is a different ambient lead, 7 is an ambient, high reverb clean, etc... That is how I want my FS1 thru FS8 set up on the HD500. But everytime I try to program it, it only lets me do one effect per a stomp box. I want each of the 8 buttons to be an individual, stand-alone line of preset effects. Is this possible? If so, please help! If not, I guess I'm going to sell the thing. Thanks for any and all help. Steve
  5. Hello, I am looking into purchasing a POD HD Desktop along with a short-board. My debate is over getting the short-board mkii or the original. I was wondering the different ways of button use. First off, how to you change from "ABCD" mode to "FS1-8" mode? Second, is there a way to set the function 2 button on the short-board to do this for you?
  6. I work on a West End show with several productions around the world. All sounds for both guitar chairs have been programmed for the POD HD Pro. Is that programming compatible with the POD HD Pro X? And if so, will it sound the same, or is the architecture and processor such that it would sound different?
  7. Hi All, I have an HD Pro with the MKII shortboard. I have a bank of 4 user patches that I set up exclusively, but I can't get the volume pedal to function. It is the first component in the chain on all 4 patches, but there is no function at the simply doesn't do anything. I followed the manual, but no change, and volume has never worked. Am I missing something in the program or parameters setup? Thanks.
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