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  1. Thanks for the answers. I'm curious to know whether anyone has real world experience doing this, rather than theoretical. I only ask as I'm getting conflicting advice. When the Pro X was released Line 6 told me explicitly that programming from the Pro was NOT compatible. Some dealers are now saying otherwise. When I called Line 6 yesterday they said they didn't know, and that they would find out and call me back. I've heard nothing further. So forgive me for being cautious. But has anyone done this in a working situation successfully? Many thanks.
  2. Thank you for your reply. How do I convert the HD Pro files so they will work with the HD Pro X?
  3. I work on a West End show with several productions around the world. All sounds for both guitar chairs have been programmed for the POD HD Pro. Is that programming compatible with the POD HD Pro X? And if so, will it sound the same, or is the architecture and processor such that it would sound different?
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