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  1. Trying to follow this tip, from this page, but the 'Hotkey' option is not available in HX Edit. From the command pull-down menu select "Hotkey." 'Hotkey' does not appear in my dropdown - see attached screenshot. What am I missing? TIP: It's much faster and easier to program keystrokes from HX Edit 2.80. Open the Command Center window, select a footswitch or Instant command, and from the Command pull-down menu, select "Hotkey." Click the small keypad icon and simply enter the keystroke from your computer keyboard. Don't forget to customize the switch label! Solved - i updated HX Edit and the option is now present. screenshot---HotKey-option-missing-
  2. Thank you @lungho and @datacommando. I was able to successfully update to 2.82.
  3. I was having some issues, my HX Effects just stopped out putting sound, this has happended before. Such a bummer this happens, and it's just out of the blue. With analog bypass on you can hear sound. So I rolled back to 2.70 and it's working again. Now when I download 2.82 on the Mac, I can't open the file. Here's the error and screenshots: “HX Edit.pkg” can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software. This software needs to be updated. Contact the developer for more information. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Finally I found a link that gave me just an .hxf file/
  5. Thanks @rsvette12- tried that as well, and it brings up the open file dialog...
  6. Thanks @datacommando for the quick reply. I followed these instruction, but what I download is a .dmg file, which is the HX Edit Installer. It does not give me a .hxf file with firmware... I installed that file, and still, same result, run the installer, and get this message - 'There are no available updates for this device." Any suggestions?
  7. I don't see any firmware options when I use the updater? "There are no available updates for this device"
  8. My HX Effects just stopped outputting sound, out of the blue, but when I use analog bypass you can hear the sound. I tried updating to 2.81, and still no luck. I had this issue before, posted about it and - and I had to roll back the firmware, although I'm not seeing exactly where the older firmware is available. downloaded HX Edit 2.70, Launched Line 6 Updater 1.15, and when I open the updater, it says 'There are no available updates for this device." Where can I find the older firmware update? So frustrating, any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. @phil_m Both answers were super helpful > I went with your second option and applied the Playback parameter. Awesome! Thank you!
  10. I'm using an Ernie Ball VP JR running out of Expression Pedal port 2. I have a looper followed by the volume pedal in my chain. I'm using the volume pedal, behind the looper to control the level of my loops.When I kick the pedal to heel down, it shuts off the volume pedal - so the loops fade out - then abruplty come back as the volume pedal is bypassed. I can't seem to find a way to turn this toe/heel bypass off. I want to be able to put it to either position and ignore the bypass feature. Is there a way to accomplish this? Page 29 in the manual: "Position determines where in the expression pedal's travel the block is enabled or bypassed. 0% is heel down; 99% is toe down."
  11. Didn't care for the feel of the Mission Engineering - didn't feel real for some reason. Couldn't use it for the wah or pitch shifting with the HX.
  12. Is that Morley heavy? I have been using my Ernie Ball Volume JR. for pitch shift expression.
  13. @silverhead Thanks a million! Yes, that worked. Just opened up a whole new level! I hope they make the FS1 and FS4 additional snapshots.
  14. highline-2004

    Trey Tone

    Too bad the HX doesn't model the Languedoc ;)
  15. Try reverting to the older firmware first - the original. That fixed my problem. Then I updated to the latest.
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