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  1. @phil_m Both answers were super helpful > I went with your second option and applied the Playback parameter. Awesome! Thank you!
  2. I'm using an Ernie Ball VP JR running out of Expression Pedal port 2. I have a looper followed by the volume pedal in my chain. I'm using the volume pedal, behind the looper to control the level of my loops.When I kick the pedal to heel down, it shuts off the volume pedal - so the loops fade out - then abruplty come back as the volume pedal is bypassed. I can't seem to find a way to turn this toe/heel bypass off. I want to be able to put it to either position and ignore the bypass feature. Is there a way to accomplish this? Page 29 in the manual: "Position determines where in the expression pedal's travel the block is enabled or bypassed. 0% is heel down; 99% is toe down."
  3. Didn't care for the feel of the Mission Engineering - didn't feel real for some reason. Couldn't use it for the wah or pitch shifting with the HX.
  4. Is that Morley heavy? I have been using my Ernie Ball Volume JR. for pitch shift expression.
  5. @silverhead Thanks a million! Yes, that worked. Just opened up a whole new level! I hope they make the FS1 and FS4 additional snapshots.
  6. highline-2004

    Trey Tone

    Too bad the HX doesn't model the Languedoc ;)
  7. Try reverting to the older firmware first - the original. That fixed my problem. Then I updated to the latest.
  8. I am experiencing strange behavior when I attempt to work with snapshots. I have followed the manual but it's not doing what the manual says it should. I press both preset button simultaneously, and it shows all four snapshots blinking... Then if I click a snapshot, it kicks me back to the presets. I've attached a movie to show what's going on... I have updated to the latest firmware 2.54.0. Any help would be appreciated. Snapshots-HX-not-working-1.mov Maybe I'm missing something?
  9. I rolled back the firmware to 2.50 and now everything is working. I think it was corrupted somewhere along the way.
  10. highline-2004

    HX no sound

    No sound. When it's powered down, and I'm plugged in, audio passes through to the amp. When I boot up the HX, the audio cuts out once it's up and running. I didn't change any settings since my last session. Checked my cables - they are brand new, but checked them without the unit anyhow, they work. I did a factory reset. I have updated the latest firmware (2.54.0). I've only had it for a little over a month. Any suggestions?
  11. @ADBrown thank you
  12. I don't want to hear the signal when I'm tuning. Is there a way to be silent when you tune? Can't seem to find a way. What am I missing please? And yeah, I agree with the most of the OP's who point out this tuner needs work.
  13. I am having an issue where multiple foot switches are showing multiple assignments > for example, the scribble says - MULTIPLE (3) - but withing this preset, i have only assigned one block to each foot switch. If I enter Signal Flow, and delete each effect one at a time, then hit home, each FS still has an assigment of MULTIPLE (2) or MULTIPLE (3). When I hit the action button, the 'CLEAR BLOCK' is greyed out. How can I clear out everything from a preset with one action?
  14. Thanks for the info. Is there anything to be said about putting the wah before the HX. So Guitar > Wah > HX, and not using a block for your wah? I tried this, and my wah sounded terrible. Is the HX not meant to have pedals before it on the board? I put my wah first in my chain always.
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