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  1. After a little further investigation, it seems once your account has 4 authorized computers, you can't authorize anymore and it does not show an error message. Anyone else experiencing this issue should visit this page to check your activations, and remove any old ones that are no longer relevant: https://line6.com/account/devices/ After I removed a few, Helix Native started right up. Edit: only issue I'm having now is none of the factory presets or user presets will load, even after restoring factory defaults, it throws this error. Edit2: You need to "Restore Factory Setlists", not "Restore Factory Settings"...
  2. I also created a ticket yesterday. Hopefully someone comes forward soon with a solution.
  3. Well, as soon as I hooked it all up again it worked as expected... Hm. Maybe I had the cables miswired last time I tried this. Or I was drunk. Mods can delete this to avoid confusion - but thanks phil_m!
  4. Fair enough. Here's a few screenshots to explain. By "it's still stereo", I mean, when I turn on either pedal, it only affects either the left or right sides. I've read that HX is stereo once the input signal enters the device and everything is treated as stereo after that. If that's the case, I guess I'm trying to get around it. The signal shouldn't be stereo until it reaches a stereo effect. Guitars don't have a plug on them for left and right. Distortion pedals, fuzzes, overdrives don't have stereo input and outputs. The only common usage for stereo is time-based effects / modulation and amp/cabinet modeling, and that's all after the fact. Is it not possible to run two mono loops, independently, without treating them as Left and Right loops? Safe to say, I don't just want my distortion on one side. Block 1: FX Loop L- connected to a King of Tone Block 2: FX Loop R- connected to a BD2 pedal
  5. I recently bought an HX Stomp. I had hoped to be able to connect the effects loops to two, independent chains in order to use the HX stomp to control routing to one or more outboard distortion pedals (KoT, heavily modded BD2). Here’s what I tried: HX stomp - stereo send jack- 1/4” TRS- dual 1/4” TS - each of these connected to inputs of my overdrive pedals. Output from pedal A-HX stomp return L, output from pedal B-HX stomp return R. I was able to get the signal routing, but - it’s still stereo, and thus, only affecting one side of the path. I had hoped that I would be able to treat everything “before the amp emulation” as mono, and then it becomes stereo after the amp/cab blocks. Worst case scenario, I was hoping for a utility type block that would sum the FX Loop L (or FX loop R) into a mono / dual mono signal, if placed immediately after an FX loop. I assume my problems are exacerbated since I am using HX stomp in stereo, rather than just having a single mono cable out. So, what’s the trick to this - is there an easy solution, or should I just stick the dirt in front of the HX? It would be nice to leave the dirt on all the time and control switching at the HX (in conjunction with any additional midi controllers or foot switches I may add in the future).
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