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  1. Is it possible to exchange tones between Firehawk and Amplifi? I do not feel like re-creating all of my tones :D
  2. How easy is it to use the FX and 1500 together, and is it recomended? I like the features in both, and I want to save some money. Can the FX replace a FBV 3, or would I just have to run the FX in a FX loop patch on the FH1500, and use the FH1500 as an FRFR speaker? Any info is helpful... Thanks!
  3. Ok so I've been looking at multi effects pedals to primarily use at church. The Church uses a direct box, with a single mono 1/4" input, and I'm wondering if the Firehawk FX will sound as good as other multi-effects pedals when hooked up like that. I'm looking for something relatively cheap, and Helix is a bit out of my range. I guess my question is, do people like the way the Firehawk sounds through a single direct box output?
  4. Ok so I've been looking at Helix and Firehawk type things for a while now, and have been doing some research. I'm looking for a couple things to upgrade, and I think Line 6 is the way to go. I'm looking for an amp that will sound great at any volume, and has pedal capability. Is the Firehawk 1500 with an FBV3 a good option for gigs? Also, I'm looking for something that I can run between my guitar and a direct box into a church PA. My tone sucks right now, and I need something to give good tones. Will Firehawk fx or Helix work, or can the Firehawk 1500 work for that purpose? I'm still new to this, so any info will help :)
  5. Spider_Jam1002

    Helix Gear

    Hello, I've had some questions about the Helix ever since it came out, and I'd like some insight before I make such a large purchase. What kind of amp or speakers are most compatible with the Helix? Would it work with a PA System, or would some FRFR speakers such as the StageSources work better? Also, does it have a built in amp/preamp, or does it just simulate the amps in a pedal format? Lastly, would the Helix make plugging into a house sound through direct box sound as good as if I was plugged into an amp and mic'd?
  6. Spider_Jam1002

    Helix Gear

    I've been really curious about the Helix, (like every guitarist with an internet connection) but I have some questions before I go out and spend that kind of money.The first I have is, what kind of amps/ speakers are most compatible with the Helix? Would a regular PA System work, or would I need to get an FRFR speaker, such as the StageSource? Lastly, does the Helix have a built-in amp/preamp, or does it just "model" the amps? Thanks :)
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