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  1. Thanks for the replies! When I first got the rack I spent several hours setting up the pedalboard to control the rack the way that I wanted. It works great but is not good for quickly making adjustments on the fly. I play at church and many times there is a particular sound that needs to be quickly dialed in. Since I'm "all digital" I can't just reach down and twist a knob on an effects pedal, but also, I've spent far more $$ on guitar gear than I probably should have given my skill (or income) level….
  2. Hey guys, I'm using the Helix Rack with the Fractal Audio MFC-101 as a midi controller. Would it be worth it to purchase the Helix Control to use instead? I've used and love the MFC but I've seen a number of posts about the ease of editing on the Control. Thoughts? Pros? Cons?
  3. Thanks, I ended up using a mono effects loop. Send 1 > Tuner > External Effect > Return 1
  4. Is it possible to set the Guitar Thru Out in the back of the Helix Rack to send the tone from the Variax? I've got an external tuner that I like and can't figure out how send the Variax tone to it when I use the digital cable. It works like normal when I use a ¼ inch cable but then I don't get the automatic variax switching. How can I send the tone? Also, all of my effects loops are full...
  5. I use 4 Eventide H9 pedals for distinct sounds that can not be created with the Helix. They are mounted in a drawer in my rack and controlled, along with the Helix, with the Fractal MFC-101 pedalboard. The pedal board has 4 additional foot switches connected to it giving me a total of 25 foot switches. Also connected are 3 expression pedals, with the option of adding a fourth if needed….but that would just be crazy ;p
  6. shawngs

    Helix FAQ

    Thank you for the update, Digital Igloo! I've recreated many of the scenes that I use (and added new ones) but have seen some limitations in the MIDI functionality (Tap tempo via Midi clock, enabling/disabling effects blocks via midi, etc.) Is there any work being done on Midi functionality?
  7. Thanks for the responses! I know the Helix seems to be aimed at the "professional" market and, that being said, a large number of pros use either custom made midi pedals or "high end" ones such as the Fractal MFC-101. Implementing fully functioning midi capabilities for the Helix Rack seems like it should be a major focus. The rack sounds are incredible and I believe the Helix could be a potential competitor to the Axe-Fx once it is able to be fully controlled using professional Midi equipment. I've noticed you also cannot enable/disable effects blocks via midi cc message, you can only assign them to one of the 10 virtual "Line 6 pedals" like on the Helix Control. The MFC-101 has 17 foot switches + 4 external switches + 4 control switches + up to 4 effects pedals… A lot of potential Helix rack purchasers would not want to give that up for the 10 switch (+ 2 control switches) Helix Control.
  8. Please update the Helix so that we can turn on/off effects blocks via MIDI. If that's not possible, please add a "Mix" element to every effect so we can set the mix via a MIDI footswitch. Another option might be to allow for more than 10 Line 6 Footswitch options.
  9. Thank you, mkornell Hopefully they'll add this functionality in the future The pedalboard that I'm currently using has more than the 10 available FS switches. For the remainder I'll assign on/off or min/max values for a parameter such as "Mix" or similar. Update. Many effects do not have "Mix" functionality, so there is no way to use a midi cc message to enable or disable the effect once you've already used all 10 FS switches.
  10. Hi Line 6 geniuses, I am in need of your expertise. Recently I purchased a Helix Rack to replace the Pod HD Pro. I'm having some trouble getting the tap tempo working from my pedalboard correctly. The pedalboard is a Fractal Audio MFC-101. Per the Helix user manual I have the tap tempo switch set to midi cc# 64 and on/off values of 127. I've tried on/off values of 64/64 and 64/127 as well but it just doesn't seem to be receiving the messages. All other midi controls are working (changing presets, enabling disabling blocks, volume control, tuner, etc.). Is there something in particular that I should be doing to set the tap tempo from a footswitch?
  11. I figured out a workaround. I'm using a Fractal Audio MFC-101. In the helix Global setting I have Preset Mode set to Both Rows. I have Stomp Mode Switches set to 10 Switches. From the manual I found the midi assignment that are used for the footswitch functions.
  12. How do you use midi to turn on/off an effect? I see how to change the parameters of an effect but not how to enable/disable the effect block. Any ideas?
  13. Thanks Duncan and Phil. I'm really looking forward to replacing the old Pod HD Pro and multitude of pedals with this one interface. :)
  14. I've ordered my Helix, which should be arriving tomorrow. (so excited!!) I saw on the website that Helix Edit 1.10 public beta is out. I looked for a file named "Helix Edit" but could not find it anywhere on the site. I see a "Helix Application 1.11.1" and a "Helix Application 1.10" Is that the correct file? Is the "Helix Application" the same as "Helix Edit?" if not, where can I find it? The posts say its in http://line6.com/software but I do not see anything called Helix Edit.
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