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  1. Hey everyone! I'd love some ideas to set up a Gov't Mule amp setup and effect setup. Where I'd like some input is on the amp setup. I currently own an awesome Category 5 Vera that is setup to take care of all of Warren's Mule tones but since I started leaning towards the Helix more lately for tones I'd love to find a way to get the amp tones set up. A lot of the overdrive is the Soldano w/ may be fairly easy to get but I'd like input to get that Diaz (hot rodded, juiced up Fender) tone. Warren then switches between the 2 regularly. I've researched online to get an idea of the normal pedals he uses. The crazy thing is I have a lot of this set up w/ analog but I'm excited to get it all together in a digital, ease of use, format.
  2. I second the ext amp switching comment! That was a bummer.
  3. So I love the EP Booster as my go to boost. The problem is you need another power supply for it and I don't want to put the helix on a board. I have the helix gig bag and I've sidelined a very good and loaded pedalboard for just the Helix as my main board into PRS/category 5 tube amps. I think it would be cool to see a model of the EP for this reason. Anyone else?
  4. I think I must be blind. I can't find where I change the impedance. When I go into global settings the first thing is the guitar in PAD setting then it's straight to other settings but no impedance option. Am I in the wrong place? Has anyone found the other fuzzes to be overly aggressive? I was looking for a more vintage fuzz like the first two options but not at the cost of guitar volume control. Thanks!
  5. The issue with the volume cutting out below 10 on the guitar was the Fuzz in the first block. I was using the Arbitrator Fuzz. As soon as I cleared that block everything was fine. It seems to do the same thing with the Triangle Fuzz as well. I must be missing something on the settings correct?
  6. I did. I'm playing in the morning so I'll check it out. Thanks!
  7. I'll give those a try and see how it responds then let you know. Thanks for the response!
  8. I've had the Helix now for a few weeks. I was getting it set up to play live tonight and noticed a few issues. I'm using the Helix as a pedalboard into the front of a PRS DG30 amp and I'm using a PRS DGT guitar. The DGT guitar is very responsive to volume. The level of volume does not drop much when going from 10 to 6, it just gets cleaner. Typically I drive it on 10 but go down to 6 or 7 to clean it up. I noticed tonight that the minute I would take the guitar volume off of 10 there was a huge volume drop and by the time you hit 7 or 8 the tone was very thin and very low volume. I've noticed while getting used to the Helix that my amp tone has been slightly muted, muffled, even stiff feeling so I plugged straight into the amp after sound check and there was the tone, lively, gritty, responsive, etc. As soon as I plugged the Helix back in it was that same stiff tone, the amp had lost the great tube breakup and it sounded like there was a blanket over it compared to plugging straight in. I have the Helix volume set between 12:00 and 1:00 and even if I turn it all the way up the guitar and amp still react the same way. I've been playing the DGT for almost 8 years and I love being able to manipulate the guitar volume for my tones so this is weird how the volume drops off so rapidly. To play the gig tonight I had the volume knobs and tone all on 10 the entire time and I don't play that way. I'm loving the Helix as my pedalboard so any suggestions would be appreciated. Any thoughts?
  9. This worked! I used the Helix at church through my tube amp and things sounded very good. Thanks!
  10. It didn't look like there was a way to completely disable the knob in settings. Let me know if I'm missing something. The Helix is set to instrument.
  11. I'll give that a try and see if it helps I'm running 20ft Mogami cables but that makes sense. I don't have an effects loop on this amp. Sounds great but I have no idea what any of that is. LOL! I guess I gave more reading to do. I really want the helix to work and then I look at my board full of analogman and mojo hand fx pedals and wonder what I'm doing. Again, I want the helix to work so I can use different boards for different gigs!
  12. I wanted to see if anyone had ideas on this. I play through a couple of very nice Category 5 amps. The one I'm using currently live is set up with a nice warm tone that can break up well when you dig in. I'm using the helix as a pedalboard only. When I plug in the helix the treble frequencies increase to the point it almost hurts--not really--but the tone thins out and gets a lot brighter. That's with no effects engaged just helix straight into the front of the amp. Any ideas or thoughts on this one? Thanks all!!
  13. Thanks for the responses. I'll try it out again tonight and see what I come up with. Thanks again!
  14. Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum and Line 6 products as well. I have a new Helix and I'm having trouble getting it set up how I want. I have some very nice Category 5 and PRS amps that I currently use live so I'm wanting to use the Helix to replace my large pedalboard. I'm not going to need the amp models live. I've seen videos/tutorials where people have it set up with effects all across the board, I believe 10 of them since the bank up/down where not present. I was thinking that's the stompbox mode but trying that last night I couldn't get the lights to stop flashing to engage the effects or get it to save. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? I figured out how to save a board as a patch but that limits my pedals to eight. Thanks for the help in advance! Jon
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