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  1. Ahhh...now I understand your situation better. I think silverhead may be pointing you in the right direction. I only use the onboard expression pedal and the only time I tend to use the Wah is when I'm soloing so my volume is pegged anyway.
  2. Don't you step on the Expression pedal all the way to engage the toe switch? That turns the volume all the way up, right? Not sure how else it could behave...can you explain what you'd like it to do?
  3. I use a pair of Samson RSXM12A active monitors (only $350 each) and they sound awesome! In my opinion, the best deal out there for a very flat-response active monitor that won't break the bank. The sound I hear from my monitors (using them as a stereo pair) is exactly what I hear when I record our rehearsals and live gigs directly.
  4. I just modified my Acoustic patch this past weekend to bring the signal in from a DI via the Mic input...the only problem I have with it is that the signal won't route to the Tuner on the Helix.
  5. Phil is exactly right here...and I'm also totally confused as to what your problem is. When you add a volume pedal to the beginning of your signal chain, the default action of the Helix is to assign that to Exp2. So there's no footswitch to assign to turn on the volume pedal...the built-in expression pedal is already acting as your volume pedal. When you add a Wah to your chain, it will be turned off by default and will be assigned to Exp1 (again by default) so you don't need to do anything to get this setup to work. So, when you want to engage the Wah, just stomp on the toe of the Volume pedal (Exp2) and the toe switch will engage and change the expression pedal to act as the Wah (Exp1). When you're done using the Wah, stomp on the toe again to switch back to Exp1 mode and the expression pedal is once again your Volume pedal. This is the default way of using the expression pedal in Helix and I can't understand why you'd ever want to assign volume and expression to another switch anyway. If you're using the expression pedal for something else (like changing a delay mix ratio or something) then I'd suggest getting an external pedal for that and leave the built-in pedal for the Vol/Wah functionality. Just my 2 cents worth anyway...
  6. DI, can you share your definition of the threshold that a speaker/cabinet needs to be to actually be considered FRFR? For those of us who do know something about FRFR, it would perhaps further the discussion to better understand why things get more expensive when designing a true FRFR device. Most full-range cabinets will provide an acoustic performance spec like: Frequency Response (-3 dB) 56 Hz to 20 kHz In your estimation, does a true FRFR have to be even tighter response, like +/- 1 dB across a similar spectrum?
  7. There's another thread about this not working with Windows 10. The solution proposed there worked fine for my Windows 7 PC. The issue appears to be that the updater doesn't behave well if installed over an existing updater installation. So you need to uninstall the updater, then re-install the program. 1. Use Control Panel to Uninstall Line 6 Updater (even if you've already installed the new version) 2. Install the new Line 6 Updater This worked perfectly for me (didn't even need to re-boot my computer).
  8. I've chimed in on pretty much every topic that brings up FRFR monitors, and I've got to say (again) that I'm absolutely thrilled with my Samson RSXM12A powered monitor wedges. They're only $350 each and I've got a stereo pair of them and they sound incredible. Plenty of volume and they truly provide a very flat response and with their coaxial speaker design are also full-range. I was skeptical when I bought the first one, but have been absolutely blown away by how great they sound. I ordered through Sam Ash so I could use the return policy if they didn't work out for me. Well, I ended up ordering a second one and I've got a great looking and, more importantly, a GREAT SOUNDING, pair of FRFR monitors that I can gig with anywhere!
  9. I bought a pair for Samson RSXM-12A full-range powered monitors and absolutely LOVE them! They're small, but sound amazing and you can't beat the price...$350 each. So, I've got a pair of small wedge monitors that sound way better than I could've hoped for considering the price point. Nothing I've seen can come close to the value for these excellent FRFR speakers and the Helix sounds HUGE through them at both low and cranking volumes.
  10. Heard from my Sweetwater guy that they expect the backpacks by the 2nd week of January.
  11. LeeandTanja

    Helix FAQ

    Does the Helix "know" whether to output in mono or stereo? If I use the 1/4 output jacks to feed stereo FRFR monitors but only one XLR output for a mono signal to FOH, will the FOH signal actually combine both sides of the stereo image that my monitors are giving me?
  12. I bought a Samson RSXM12A active coaxial monitor and I LOVE it! Only cost $350 so I was a bit skeptical (bought it from Sam Ash online and figured I'd just return it if it sucked) but I've been blown away by how this thing sounds! Perfectly flat response and plenty loud enough for any use I can imagine. It's got a killer look and I'm just totally psyched about how good it sounds!
  13. So, I just got off the phone with MF customer service. After giving them an earful about how totally dissatisfied I am (I let them know they are no longer my friend) and that this will be the last item I ever buy from them (hello Sweetwater!!!) the representative I spoke with (a very nice young lady named Serena) told me that they've received units from Line 6 to cover the pre-orders. So, they're supposedly preparing them for shipping now and those of us in the MF backorder queue should be getting a shipping notification by the end of the week. She said to call her next Monday if I don't hear anything before then...her extension is x3033 for anyone that wants to speak directly to her. I have to say that she was very empathetic and willing to listen to my rather pointed (I did keep my comments very fact-based) critique of how MF has totally botched this situation. At this point I'm cautiously optimistic that this may actually be moving toward MF actually shipping some units out, but I'm still done with them forever. That is all...(drops mic)
  14. I just called MF, too...all the guy did was tell me what I could already see on my order status and that the website now says 10/16/2015. I'm optimistically hoping that they just decided to arbitrarily push the expected ship date back 10 days so we quit calling and bugging them. He did tell me that they're expecting more in than they have preorders for, so that's a good sign, I guess. I did call SW just to see what their inventory looks like and they/'re not expecting to be able to ship more beyond this first batch until November...so I wait (somewhat) patiently.
  15. LeeandTanja

    Helix FAQ

    I don't think I've seen this asked in here, but are the 1/4" output jacks (next to the XLR output jacks) TRS (balanced) or TS (unbalanced) outputs?
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