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  1. New to the IR thing. Is it better to use the line6 pack vs the Ownhammer site? Any thoughts?
  2. Assumer

    Can't Find Editor

    Thanks for all the advice guys. Re-downloaded the latest version and it was there.
  3. Assumer

    Can't Find Editor

    Will do. I installed the mac drivers and updated with the updater. Helix shows up under sounds on preferences however not on garageband. Helix does not show up on my mac anywhere else.
  4. Assumer

    Can't Find Editor

    Hey guys. I just updated to the latest version on the Helix. I also purchased some IRs and would like to install. I cannot find the editor on my mac. All I have under Line6 is the updater. Any suggestions? Thanks
  5. Assumer

    FRFR suggestions

    OK, Just purchased a helix but it is on backorder. Any suggestions on a starter FRFR? Cannot afford anything pricy untilI I pay off the helix. Thanks
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