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  1. Hmm yes it is an old patch..i swapped it for a 1 switch and swapped back and it still did it. I shall try it in a brand new patch and if the problem persists I'll contact them! Thanks
  2. That's strange. And you have updated to 2.60? Yes it used to work like that but now if you go out of it and back into it with the loop still playing.. the record scribble strip changes from saying overdub to nothing and will start recording a new loop even if the old one is playing
  3. Ah thanks for your reply. Yeah I've tried the one switch looper but it isn't quite as good. I just liked the option of being able to go back and add effects and loop those, there doesn't seem to be any benefit of getting rid of that feature?
  4. Is it just me or has the 6 switch looper changed functionality after the update? I used to be able to record a loop, exit the looper, add a new effect, go back into the looper and overdub the new effect all the while the loop was still playing. Now when I exit the Looper and go back into it, when I hit record it starts a whole new recording and deletes anything I'd previously looped??
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