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  1. Thanks, will do this if 2.70 doesn't cure it. Fingers crossed.
  2. This is sort of what I was hoping. Thanks. I have opened a support ticket in the meantime,.
  3. It arrived yesterday, was all good, but today it has been repeatedly freezing. When it freezes I still get sound, but no buttons or footswitches do anything at all. Unless I reboot, which obviously won’t be good enough on a gig, Anyone else experiencing this?
  4. I'd like to see a Fuchs / Dumble Overdrive channel - type of amp.
  5. This looks like a great idea. Thinking of giving it a try. Anyone else have any thoughts about setting up Helix to use with IEMs?
  6. After reading your post I checked out the Mondial Classic. Interesting guitar!
  7. Then why doesn’t he return it for the option which he believes is the same but with better features?
  8. Many Customtone patches are set very high and promote clipping. A few ideas... if you use the 1/4 output, try setting it to instrument rather than line if you use the xlr out, set to mic, not line set the input pad to ‘on’. All the above are in Global Settings Then, on the patch, add a gain block at the very beginning of the signal chain, set to -10db (at least initially, though it may only need -5db to control the clipping...it all depends on the patch itself) add another gain block at the end set to -3db. If you do all this the patch will be quieter but should create no clipping. If you get some patches from someone like fremen, he sets them up carefully to avoid clipping. You can use those as a guide as to how loud a patch might ideally be.
  9. I did. I still think you got what you bought.
  10. You got what you bought. If you now wish you had bought something else, return it.
  11. I love the Andy T 3 patch. What a great lead sound. Plus the Ingrids and the Brit Trems. This is a very well put-together set of presets. Thanks Fremen.
  12. My favourites are the Michael Britt patches. They’re fantastic. I also like patches by Fremen and Glen Delaune. Did not really like the ones by 3Sigma.
  13. I just bought a 15ft one from btpa. I think it was a bit over a week, and it’s very good quality. The cable is soft and lays nicely.
  14. I got a Mission pedal a few weeks ago, and it exceeded my expectations. It's works and feels great. If you get the option without a spring, it would work fine for volume, wah, etc.
  15. The best way to deal with this is to under-promise and over-deliver. It's a question of managing expectations so that people are not disappointed, in this case by the timing.
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