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  1. Yes, I'm coming to that conclusion. The speeds in Hz are clearly not accurate, which is a bit of an annoyance. And yet we then get other speeds in arbitrary numbers, which are of no use whatsoever. It would be good to have all speeds and levels in Hz and dB, like Kurzweil do, to make settings easier - but they have to be accurate.
  2. I have Dual Phaser set at 0.00 Hz, but it's still too fast for what I want. Is there any trick I can use to slow the phaser speed further?
  3. Thanks, guys. I was in a situation where I didn't have my hardware Helix with me - only my backup files, so the 'extract files from backup' would have done the job it would appear. But the moment has passed. Back at base I will be exporting set lists and other file types that Native can use. It still seems a shame (and a bit silly) that I can't just load a full back up in, though.
  4. I can hardly beleve this can't be done. I just came to do this today, since my hardware Helix is back at base and... I can't import my hardware backup to Native. Good grief! Any way I can extract the other import-able file types from the full backup I have with me?
  5. Very smooth update and fixed an important bug for me. Thank you very much, all you guys.
  6. Looks like 2.92 has fixed it! The tap light and delay stay in sync for a couple of minutes again now, as was the case back in 2.82. Let 2.90/91 be a horrible dream best forgotten... Thanks to all at Line 6!
  7. 2.92 looks like it has fixed it! Thanks, guys!
  8. Happy to see folks noticing that the delays and tempo light *were* totally in sync in 2.82. I know because it was a big deal for me! You could absolutely rely on the tempo light as a visual metronome in that release. Line 6 are a responsive team, and I'm hopeful that they will get it back to that state in a future update.
  9. I'm bumping this topic. Having been fixed in 2.81, since 2.90 it is very, VERY broken again. The tap light is now way out - much worse than it was even before 2.81. Such a shame after having sorted it out. :o( 2.91 has done nothing to help. I'm considering reverting to 2.81, but don't know if that's possible. I've raised a ticket, and the guys say it is already on the bug list. I very much hope it is high on the list.
  10. Thank you so much for this work. Your PDF pulls a lot of information together in a useful format, and the images really are helpful when I'm scanning down the list. I'm making a donation to my favourite charity as a thank you.
  11. Not if you were using delays with long, LONG repeat trails over a couple of minutes (I know, don't ask - it's just a specialist requirement of what I do! ). But it was fixed. Now it's not fixed and much worse. Hopefully they can figure out what broke it and get it back in time.
  12. No, no, no guys!!!!!! I have to correct you. The tap light was always in sync. It wasn't 100% accurate, but it was always very close. It was me that hassled them to fix it so that it was 100% accurate, and one of the 2.8 releases finally fixed it fully. From 2.8x (I don't recall which) it was 100% accurate and would stay synced to the delay time over several minutes. I know - I tested it, and have been using it for improv performance on stage ever since! I won't bore anyone with the details, but being able to see a light to guide my loop/delay improv is critical to me, hence me wanting it sorted out properly. Thankfully they did. It was perfectly possible to rely on it as a visual metronome - even before it was 100% Clearly most people didn't know it had been fixed, but I certainly did. Sadly it's now more broken than it ever was. What is the use of a tap tempo light that doesn't reflect the tempo!?!
  13. 2.91 has not fixed the tempo-synced delay time versus tap light problem introduced with 2.90. The light and delay time bear no relation to each other in either 'Authentic', or 'Transparent' mode. I realise that these are difficult times, so please just let me know that you're aware of it and a fix is envisaged. Thanks.
  14. The gain reduction meters are fantastic! Much easier for me to get my basic settings now with those to help. And the Small Stone phaser sounds like my old pedal - but better; especially in stereo. But the tap light now bears no relation to tempo-synced delays. That's a shame, as in 2.82 they'd finally fixed the tempo-v-tap light problem that I raised a couple of years ago. :o( Here's to a quick fix.
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