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  1. Hi, I have a defective scribble strip (no text) and a number of intermittent foot switches. I'm in the UK and there doesn't appear to be a supplier who can provide these parts - I've tried full compass and they're out of stock and Sontec (no response). Does anyone have any first hand experience or pointers regarding purchasing spares? I'm more than happy to replace myself. Thanks Gary
  2. Thanks very much for your comments
  3. scrinson

    Double Tracking

    Hi, I play in a UK based covers band and I've been using the helix floor for gigging for just over 2 years now. Would any of you guys be able to point me in the right direction with getting a double tracked guitar kind of sound - as an example I'm trying to thicken up the riff from I love rock and roll (the part played during the verses). I generally use either the whowatt100 or Brit Plexi Norm for this kind of sound with a kinky comp at the start of the chain to add sustain. Any help would be much appreciated.
  4. The reason I would like to use the helix is so that I can take advantage of the effects, I don't believe I'd be thinking about the signalchain once I have it working. Totally understand though if you think what I'm trying to achieve is pushing a bit too far
  5. Hi and thanks Amsdenj, So this is what I'm trying to do Acoustic ( in on return and send to FOH via Di) Electric ( in on guitar and out via XLR left and 1/4 out to a FRFR as a cab behind me) This is where I'm confused - I didn't think I could use the other XLR out for vocals as this would be the right hand element of the stereo signal? - is this an incorrect assumption? I'm happy taking a monitor feed from FOH but I still want the FRFR behind me. I'm not using stereo for now and you're right I won't be using both guitars at the same time.
  6. Peter, My issue was that I am running out of connections!!! I have my acoustic going into return and out on send to a di then FOH My electric goes into guitar in then out on xlr mono to FOH and out on 1/4 inch mono to a FRFR monitor behind me. I would like to put my vocals through as well which would be no problem for xlr in and I guess I'll try one of the sends for the output. My initial thinking was that I'd use XLR out for the vocals and then use the L6 as an analogue output for the electric with a conventional XLR cable
  7. Hi I was hoping one of you guys could help - could I use the L6 AES / EBU digital out into a standard XLR input i.e. a monitor or FOH mixer? Thanks
  8. Thanks very much DunedinDragon, I'll give that a go.
  9. Brilliant, thanks everyone for your suggestions and patience I think using a send output via DI to the mixer would work perfectly for the acoustic - I hadn't considered that. The other slight issue I have is using the tuner as it doesn't automatically pick up the returns - i'm currently going in on return 4 with my acoustic Dunedindragon, you mentioned that you use the aux input for your acoustic do you boost the output on the helix?
  10. Thanks Dunedin, I thought that by panning the signal hard over, the left and right the XLR outputs would each give a mono output i.e. hard left output to left XLR and vice versa, wouldn't the output only be stereo if both XLR outs were centred and feeding two separate outputs , I wouldn't be expecting both guitars to be played at the same time as you do with your band. Please feel free to shout if I'm missing the point
  11. Hi, I've had the helix for a couple of days and am in the process of setting up my presets. I intend to connect my electric guitar to guitar in with output as XLR left and acoustic to return 4 and output XLR right. I have my electric presets set to pan hard left and acoustic hard right. I'm setting up (at home but at gig volume) using one of the band's FOH speakers, a Yamaha DXR 12 running from XLR out; apart from a slight dip in volume I can't detect any change between panning XLR output hard over or keeping central. I have yet to try with the band and was wondering if the massive experience on the forum would suggest an alternative method or am I going along the right lines. I've had a good old search and have either missed or not been able to find any posts which point me in the right direction. Just for info - I'd prefer two separate outputs going from helix into the mixer as I think it will present less problems when at venues where the sound isn't in our control plus when we do our own sound I think we need the flexibility to manage the FOH mix with guitar and acoustic on separate channels. I prefer two inputs as I don't really want an A/B box (less clutter) and would like to keep guitar disconnect / reconnect to a minimum. I know, I want my cake etc Thanks for any advice you are able to offer Gary
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