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  1. That was stupidly simple. Adapters are mono, despite of fact that they have two lines for L and R channels, they are fake stereo. Sorry for bothering
  2. Such a strange situation. I've checked all settings in pod, updated firmware through latest monkey, but "phones" is still mono... Separated L and R outputs work as expected, but phones... I dont know what else I can try to make it work as expected. Pls tell me, do you have another ideas? P. S. I used only guitar in as input, and phones as output, nothing else
  3. I've checked pod standalone, without pc. No difference, phones output is still mono, pc is not a problem
  4. i have 4 new adapters, they are all ok 100% why pod mixes two channels into one? i can hear both of them when editing levels of channels
  5. Hello.when I connect my pod hd500x via usb to pc(using it as a sound card, output sound goes to Phones output), I can hear only mono in left channel. My headphones are stereo, adater and cable too, no settings can change this behaviour. What can I do to make phones output stereo? I hear both channels in left ear, in other words this is not true mono, but stereo in one ear Thanks
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