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  1. Hi - i had all this running fine on the same gear last year ( i think). It is- From audio i/o - usb out to mac. From audio i/o - midi out to MOTU midi express. From Motu - midi out to Pod and back to Motu. Lastly, as the audio i/o is already linked to mac via usb this should complete the chain. Are you saying that usb and midi are incompatible? The audio i/o unit has usb and midi ports on it. I can't believe they break the chain. I've seen many other comments from ppl with same issue as me. Neither POD Edit nor Monkey recognise the pod. Re-downloading the drivers doesn't work either. Every time i open Monkey it shows the drivers are not installed. I've done a complete re-install of all Line 6 components today - same result. Any comments please...
  2. having the same problem. Did you fix it? If so, how please? Every time i open Monkey it shows the yellow caution flag against drivers. I've used the update selection option several times - same result. If i go into the drivers file i just get an uninstall option. I've also done a complete re-install of all Line 6 components. I'm running High Sierra which is moving to 64bit and my mac app report says line 6 items not compatible, even though line 6 says they are. Any idea where my problem is please?
  3. I know i might be out of date on this - i haven't used the pod since i bought bias 2 software to work in the box. Now i need to get it running but, despite all updates to monkey etc. etc. it still won't talk via midi. The pod hd isn't even on the Line 6 list that i'm trying to connect to via midi. Running out of ideas and seriously p***ed off with Line 6. It took me 2 hours to re-register a username and password. It's easier to hack the CIA than re-register but it's only an fx unit for god's sake. Anyway, despite my rant can anyone help........pretty please. PS I'm 60 - anyone take pity on an old boy?
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