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  1. Hey guys! I'm pretty much of a newbie when it comes to building a tone. I have the 500X and on my clean tone I get distortion if i hit hard enough. I play funk sometimes and the strumming sounds distorted in the delay and even without the delay. Can I get some help and advise as to what I should do? Thanks! :)
  2. lool thank you guys i know the exact model i listed is a little weird lol the custom 245 ans santana are along the lines i'm speaking of lol but i get where you guys are coming from
  3. hey guys, so i know the possibilities are endless with the 500x but i was wondering.. is it possible to have your guitar sound like another one.. i currently have a strat but I'm a PRS lover.. do you guys think it's possible to get my strat to get somewhat of a prs tone.. almost like an SE custom 24.. any help would be appreciated! thanks!
  4. Fantastic! Guys thank you so much for your help response I really do appreciate it! I'm gonna try that out when I get home.. just to ensure I understand.. on the mixer in my patch level off the patch from there then save right?
  5. Hey guys! I'm a new owner of the 500X and I'm just working on getting my tones in order and creating patches.. I have a lead patch and a clean patch I usually jump in between but my lead patch is so loud that I would have to turn down my channel volume on the mixer or my master volume on the 500X. Then when I switch back to my clean patch it's obviously soft. Could any of you guys help me in terms of what to do so I can have my volume levels at the same so I could switch between patches easily? Thanks!
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