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  1. I play my pod directly into my amp, using only a few effects and completely bypassing the Pod's amp model. My signal flow can be seen in the attached image. As you can see, the signal splits into stereo between the null amp block and mixer. If I'm playing directly into my amp stack, should I only use one of the 2 signal paths by centering it and muting the other one in the main mix window? Or should I keep them hard panned like in the picture? Will there be a difference in sound coming out of my cab? Thanks Edit: I dont think the image uploaded properly. The signal is mono throughout my pre effects chain, then splits into two separate paths between the null amp block and mixer, then returns to mono out of the mixer into the null FX blocks.
  2. Another question I have would be how can I determine what POD master volume level is the same as my guitar's true signal level? Is the only way to A/B it with going direct into my amp and finding that sweet spot? I Usually put the master knob almost all the way up, but I'm not sure if thats boosting my guitar signal in addition to the OD I have. Does going through my pod affect my signal in any way other than the effects I have turned on? Like if I turned off my OD and gate (no amp or cab sim either), would this be true bypass?
  3. Yeah i definitely get that. The POD is awesome but I personally feel more comfortable with individual fx pedals when playing live. The main reason is that I can only get 4 visible slots per patch with the POD, and switching patches live gives me anxiety lol. I just want it all laid out infront of me. I'm liking the idea of using the POD for my front-of-amp chain (tuner, OD, gate, compressor, etc.) since that stuff basically stays on the whole time. Just wanted to make sure there's no issues I'm missing with that
  4. Any advice on the best live setup using my current gear? I'm not looking to use any crazy patches or amp sims, just a pretty basic live guitar setup. Current Gear: Pod HD500X Boss Digital Delay Pedal Boss Flange Pedal Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier (genre: progressive metal) Since I don't own an Overdrive or Noise gate pedal (two essentials), is there any issue with me using the Pod in front of my amp using a patch with only an OD and Gate? Any I can then put my delay and flange in my Mesa effects loop. Ideally I'd want to start collecting pedals and stop using the Pod for live gigs, but for now this is what I've got. What I've been doing is using the pod in front of my amp like stated, but also having time based effects on there to use as needed. However I know these effects should really be in the FX loop, which is why I'm thinking of this new setup using my old Boss pedals. I've never tried the 4 cable method, but I feel that's too complicated for what I want to get out of the Pod. Thanks!
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